Oxidation, CBN and Trichomes

I have a Sour-D auto that is pushing 14 weeks and still no or very few cloudy trichomes and no amber trichomes. I am growing it in a 20 gal DWC bubble bucket and she is generally healthy looking.

I have read an article on Leafly that the amber is caused by the THC-A oxidizing into CBN. Some studies suggest a synergistic effect of CBN + THC in treating insomnia, which is what I’m growing for. So I want the amber trichomes.

If all of the above is correct, is there any way to promote that oxidization? I have considered backing off my lights and shortening to 12-12 (they have been on 18-6 throughout the grow). Try to reduce temp (which remains stubbornly around 74/23C) in my grow tent? Any other thoughts?

I don’t know about the chemistry of how it happens, but yes, it is generally accepted that CBN increases in amber trichomes. The CBN is responsible for a more “stoning” effect, sometimes called couch lock. I use my weed for insomnia too and shoot for some amber in my harvests.

I don’t think there is a way to accelerate it. You just have to give it time and let Mother Nature do its thing.

Shooting for amber usually adds an extra week or so to my harvest time.


I’m waiting for amber right now. My husband has a chronic neurological pain disease and really needs the CBN.