Overwintering a plants

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I am ready to harvest Tropical Fuel OG I liked the characteristics and hardiness of the plant. Can I overwinter to restart early in spring? Is this typically done successfully or s waste of time?


You can try it, it might take that long to get going again.
Otherwise cloning it might be a better option.

Yeah I thought of that. Can I clone before harvest?

Just checked a test clone I did a little while ago and it started to root. I have the lights on 24×7 I’ll have to check in the cloning section or “the bible” for more info in getting it to grow.



@BakedDog… you clone in VEG, not during FLOWER.

One can clone through veg and flower. It’s called monster cropping. @RockClarke


@BakedDog typically any cloning is done within the 3rd week of starting to flower. Cloning right before harvest is definitely a last ditch effort, I say try it on a branch, you’ve got nothing to lose. If it works, be sure to post about it. I can’t think of any off the top of my head that have tried that far in flower.
Honestly I clone everything “just in case” because sometimes you have a certain phenotype that’s not common, and you’d wished you did clone it.


If you’re looking to take plants to next year I would try cloning. Definitely take extra

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Thanx everyone. I have one that has root. I will pop it into soil and see what happens. I agree @Covertgrower I’m a noob and figuring these things out.

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