Overwatering symptoms but soil is not water logged

Hello. This is my 1st time on this forum. Thanks, in advance, to all those providing valuable information.

I have 2, 3 mo old Durban Poison, outdoor each in 3’x3’x1.5’ raised beds w/ cedar wood sides. Both have drooping leaves w/ some yellowing. In the morning, the leaves look pretty healthy, except for the yellowing. They start to droop as the day wears on. Southern Calif days have had highs in the low 80s, rh 45% during the past month.
Soil is 100% Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Ph 6.5-7.5. I’ve been watering about 2 times/week, 4gals/plant. Once/wk with fertilizers.
Did a flush 2 weeks ago. Haven’t watered since.

I don’t get it. I took off the bottom cedar boards to get a good look at the soil base. It feels just moist & not soggy. Lite & airy. What I believe to be ideal growing conditions.

I had an irrigation leak that saturated the ground on one side of the beds, but not in the grow space. Could this prevent proper drainage? But then, why is their continued drooping when the growing medium is not saturated? Is it possible that saturated soil did occur about 2 weeks ago, robbed the roots of oxygen for a brief time, triggered the symptoms & now it’s just taking a long time to recover?

Any ideas, thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have pics?

Did you add any perlite to the soil? What kind of fertilizers?

7.5 is too high for pH… 6.5 is the sweet spot for soil.

Are you watering directly from tap water (you mentioned an irrigation system).

Watering: I’ve noticed that sometimes I need to water a small amount, let it sit, then do it again… Some people use a wetting agent. Water can, for some reason, go right through the soil… the top feels wet but when you move the top soil around it’s dry underneath.

I would also say, outdoors even in the low 80’s they need watered more than twice a week. (the sun is strong especially right now)

I’d also try a root drench or something like Recharge.

Letting the roots get oversaturated once time shouldn’t have done any harm.

Yea, I think 7.5 is too high as well. I did several tests from different areas. It wasn’t consistent. Most other areas were around 6.5. I’ve been sticking fairly close to Fox Farm’s feeding schedule of Big Bloom, Grow Big & Tiger Bloom. Now that they’re showing early signs of flowering, I’ll be reducing the heavy nitrogen from Grow Big. The reason I think it’s overwatered, is because this all started immediately after I did a flush. Which, of course, left the soil pretty wet throughout.
Thanks for your reply. Your comment about watering more than twice/week makes sense. I’m just a little hesitant after what’s happened. Maybe I’ll give them a good drink, no ferts today. See what happens.

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