Overwatering or underwatering

It’s my 1st grow and am trying to learn the difference between overwatering and underwatering. My 1st plant is doing fine but my 2nd is droopy with some leaves curled…makes me think overwatering but am not sure. Any key points to look out for to tell the difference?

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I just use my knuckle. I push into soil & if dry i water. Others use the weight of plant to judge. Pick up same size pot one wateres one not. Feel the difference.


Yeah I’m with the knuckle thing… Just stick your finger to the first part of your knuckle and if it’s what you’ve got a ways to go don’t water until it’s dry. Also it’s not a bad idea to invest and a water meter. They have them on Amazon which is where I got mine it’s just like a three-way meter that measures moisture light and pH and it’s helped me out big-time I never water until it’s on the dry side