OverWatering in Smartpots

Can you overwater in smart pots with good soil drainage?

Never really used smart pots but I can see over doing it in the beginning when the requirements are minimal.


Sure, take a seedling and put it in a pot too big for it and water large amounts every day., you’ll be over watered in no time.


Thank you,they are 3 ft.tall ,in 25gal.with good drainage

These are 3 ft. In 25 g

Do they stay wet because cannibus needs wet and dry cycles.

Moist,It gets 90+ everyday,so I’ve been watering 10 gallons each, every other day

Or every 3rd day,depending on conditions

pH is 6.8 in soil,plants are 4 ft. and look great,growing1-2 inches day,is this pH o.k.?