Overwater or Underwater or Something Else?

Hey All,

What do you guys think of these white widow seedling cotyledon leaves?

Too much water or not enough? One in the back left looks fine, so I am confused. Am I overthinking it?

Thanks guys!

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Give them nothing unless bone dry. Letem have their head now.


Seedlings are most often overwatered by newer growers. Cannabis seedlings need very little water.

Seedlings can be covered by a clear dome (a clear solo cup or a cut pop bottle) which you spray inside of twice a day. The humidity in the dome gives the seedling all of the water it needs. If you choose to water seedlings, then keep in mind that they only need a couple ml of water each day.

Overwatering seedlings is the most common cause for seedlings to fail and die. It is called damping off. What happens is the root rots on the seedling.

Cannabis, at any stage of growth, is best managed with wet/dry cycles. Water and then let the soil dry out before watering again. Cannabis is very tolerant of underwatering, though it can slow growth.


Well my rookie mistake. Let’s just hope they recover. Thanks for the response.

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They will. They don’t look bad at all.


I switched to clear domes I made from 32oz plastic bottles from Lipton Teas. I have had zero issues using this method.

I spray twice a day and I will also mist where the soil and plastic meets. Help force the roots outward. :+1:

Like @MidwestGuy said the seedling needs high humidity aka at least 80% RH as they take the water uptake via the leaves so the roots are free to grow.

I prefer 90% RH. To each their own. Once the leaves ate touching, I pull the domes immediately.


Like @MrPeat said he had you covered

Happy growing :metal::green_heart::christmas_tree:


Well said boss. Thanks for the tips. I’m am stopping water, until the soil is dry. Keeping the RH at least 80%.