Overstressing the small stuff, need advise

Hello Everyone,

First off I want to say that this community is awesome :grinning:, I have been reading a ton of Hellraiser threads lately and other grow journals. However, like the title says I am over-stressing the small stuff as usual, this is the type of person that I am but would love just some reassurance that I am not missing anything or have not planned accordingly.

Here is what I have gotten so far:

  • Grow Tent Kit (Light, Inline/Carbon Filter, Timers, etc.) I have read that this light will work but very open to suggestions on what I can use to get the best results out of a 4x4 and eventually a 5x5
  • Feminized Seeds - Super Skunk I am not going to lie, I did make a mistake here. Unfortunately I bought seeds from Seeds-man before doing all my research and will have some autoflowering seeds on the way as well.
  • Sun-Gro Black Gold Perlite
  • Air Pump and Air Stones x 2
  • For my nutrients I was going to go with: Botanicare CalMag Plus as well as FoxFarm Nutrients Trio Soil - Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom.
  • Neemoil Spray
  • pH Up and Down drops as well as calibration solution of 7.0. Also got the TDS and pH meters for water gauging. Last thing is a soil meter as I get use to the water levels in the pots, but will be picking them up often or swinging them to see what they feel like. (Hellraiser shout out).
  • Humidifer (heard this is a solid one). Open to suggestions though!
  • Overkill on this but got this light tester as well.

Here is what I am holding off on getting but will be obtaining in the next 2-3 weeks:

For those that read through my mad ramblings thank you, I over prepare a lot and just want things to go as well as they possibly can. I am very open to feedback and advice on how I should do anything different. I will be starting a Grow Journal once I get my seeds which will hopefully be here by 11/30!

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Here is me over planning and what I want to accomplish as I get going into this hobby, I am really excited as you can tell.

Starting Goal

  1. I am going to grow in my 4x4x8 tent and go for 4-5 plants (if anyone things I should do more or less let me know) that are Feminized Seeds - Super Skunk. Also this is a learning moment for me I went to Seeds-man first and got some seeds before doing my research and got auto flowering seeds on the way as well but am nervous to start with those.
  2. As all first time growers get a harvest under my belt and learn from what I need to improve on.
  3. Judge if I need to get any additional equipment, I am thinking maybe a dehumidifier or heater but that is a long shot or down the road in my eyes.

Long Term Goal

  1. Upgrade my light, I thought that I had gotten a better one but to my understanding this will suffice in a 4x4 but I could have a better light in the long run. Very open to those that have used this light to give me feedback.
  2. Upgrade my inline/carbon filter in my next 3 grows, I live in the desert and it can get really hot. I have heard that some people just don’t grow during the 100+ degree months where I live since it can be costly and plants can struggle. I however would like to grow year round so was thinking of getting the AC Infinity combo, heard great things.
  3. I would like to start to clone my plants and get a cloning area set up, this I heard is not hard and can be inexpensive.
  4. Would like to either get another 4x4 tent or even 5x5 (I have a room dedicated to growing but not long term) which is 9x9. I want to be able to harvest frequently. Any suggestions on this is great, I was thinking that my current set up would just turn into my veg tent and then I would get all the suggestions people make on the next set up and try to make a really nice grow tent.
  5. Speaking of which I really want to grow nice and high tier cannabis, I know that is a tall order but I want to get really good at this since it is something I am passionate about.

@Hellraiser As you can tell I am a big fan and would love to get your feedback here. I would also really appreciate it if I could tag you in my upcoming grow for advice? I didn’t want to ask in your current thread since there is so much great information in it.

@dbrn32 I have also read post that you are a light expert :grinning: and would really appreciate your input as well on my current light set up, I think it will get me through my first couple of grows. Long term I was wondering if I can maybe move my Mars TSW 2000 to be a veg light in a permanent veg tent and then get a really nice light for a flowering tent?

Thanks both of you for bestowing all your knowledge here and being a blessing.


4x4 with 4 plants works nice if you make sure you have room to work on 3 sides of it to get to all the plants.

2 hlg260xl’s would veg and flower that space. Move mars over to a clones/ starter area to keep you running.

Remember that you’ll need to know how much height you have total to grow in, and flip lights before plants take up 1/3 of that height.

Use 10 gal planters and make sure you add perlite


Thank you, with my current light will this work for my first grows while I get some money back from my initial investment? I think it is totally doable just may take me 1 month to 1 1/2 months get these order.

I’m not sure I’ve never used that light but have had success with cheaper lights as well. I’m sure someone on here can help you with that

Tsw 2000 is better light for a 3x3. Flowering in a 4x4 won’t really have the light density to fill it with hard nugs. It would probably do okay as veg light although if you were choosing a light specifically to veg that probably isn’t the one I would recommend. Since you have it, I would move it to veg light and get better light for flowering when you expand.


Thank you so much! When you say 10 gallon planters, would that be after I transplant the plant from veg to flower? How I understand it, and correct me if I am wrong, it would go. Watered Towel -> Solo Cup -> 1 Gallon Pot -> 10 Gallon Fabric Pot?

Do you think I can get one of the 260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit to get away with veg stage and then get the second one as I approach flower?

If I were to plan it out, from 11/30 I would have to buy the first light in 1-2 weeks since it would need to be here for veg stage which starts around 3-4 maybe 5 weeks from when I see the plant sprout from the soil? Then for flowering stage that would give me an additional 2-3 weeks to get the next light which could work out.

The Mars light if it is not going to be a good light long term I can look to return/sell it to someone else that might want it.

Sorry for the delay been locked out.

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A separate veg and flower tent/area is a nice way to go, can get some good production going on.

1 HLG 260 would be fine for veg and you could add a second one for flowering.

Feel free to tag me when you have questions.


I sincerely appreciate it. I am going to get one of them soon then and get the second one for flowering.

For my second tent I was reading some older post and heard that these were some good veg lights " 4xQB120 V2 Quantum Boards", would you say that this is still currently the best to go with in a veg tent?

Or do you think that I should get 3 total 260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit, 1 for my veg tent and 2 for flower?

I am going to give my TSW 2000 to a buddy so he can start to grow as well.

Why do you feel the feminized super skunk from Seedsman is a mistake?

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They were Autoflowers and I wanted to do feminized seed first. I have just heard that Autoflowers are great to do after you have 1-3 grows under your belt. I will keep the seeds for probably the 3rd grow.


You already got the autoflowers in hand I would germinate and go for it. There are several Growers on here that grow a lot of autos that will be happy to advise along the way. @Not2SureYet @Nicky , I Also grow a couple autos with my photos .


Welcome to the forum. Here is my take from what you have posted. Number one is, you want the best quality you can get. With that. Here are my thoughts.
For this grow. Forget about doing autos. Photos would be better for what you are looking for here.
Next, ditch the 1 gallon pots and at least move up to a 2 or 3 gallon pot.
Flip the plants at about 1’ tall. That should get you about a 2’ plant. And help make your light work a little better. I found your light and it is a true 300w.

With autos, you have no control over the size. For the most part. A photo can be manipulated more.
I would also probably start with just 4 plants. You can move them tighter together to get more from your light. A pair of the QB 260 lights would get you going really nice in there when you are ready as mentioned above.


Thank you very much! I am going to be doing a grow soon with them I promise and will be asking for help. The issue I run into as well is that I would love to get the lights in the middle of the grow or close to flowering, with autos my fuse is light when I start.

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I appreciate the input. I will pump up to 2 gallon or 3 gallon pots, I would imagine that is to give it more root development/space before moving it to my 10 gallon?

I can not wait to get those new lights, I got the bundle thinking it was what I wanted and quickly saw that it was not :expressionless:. If you have any other suggestions please let me know!

That’s the way I would go, love the Bspec QB288’s for veg but HLG has been sold out of them for quite a while, so would go with 260 rspecs for both veg and flower.


I’m on first indoor grow as well. Only tip I can give is for discreet venting. I used a thin piece of plywood, glued 2 inch foam insulation. Cut 6inch hole in foam/wood. Put a 6in extender in the hole flush with wood. Put a damper next so air wouldn’t come back in through pipe. Spray painted wood and inside of the pipes/damper black. Let dry and stapled a screen to wood, folded and restapled. Put in window. Can not see anything from outside. Looks like a window.

Nice! I will have to try that. I was looking at some from Walmart that did this but was still noticeable from outside.

Sounds like. @Not2SureYet has you squared away feel free to tag either of us with any questions specific to autos otherwise there are lots of great very knowledgeable people in the community @kellydans and @Hellraiser as well.