Overkill w/ fans?such thing?

Hi everyone.So today I hooked up my fans and braces them[cuz God knows I’m not spending $80 on 2 pole fans.I originally wanted to run all three smalls and the small oscillating inside… But ide rather have the room for another autoflower ,so my idea was mount the fan upside down in front of the light and door blowing on a canopy and possibly drop a small down lower…or… Wanted to point the fan in because the head moves into the bottom vent door square opening [provided a picture of what I’m talking about.Any ideas are welcome.


Looks good.


That’s alot of fans, no problem with air circulation, but there is a thing called windburn. Make sure you don’t blow directly on the plant, the leafs should wiggle gently in the wind not shake nervously…


Welcome ! Nice set up, I would just like to add keep in mind when mounting fans Attach were they are easy to adjust as plants grow upward especially during stretch mode.
Good luck

Gotchya thank you.Their not very strong.

Thank you!

Thank you.! How I have them braces gives me fairly easy access to moving them up and down and pointing in any direction.The small grips under the fan are for my ill cry like a baby if any fans fall on my plants insurance.lol…Thank you for the advice though im super new and loving the amazing amount of support people give.

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Yeah ! the clamp-on fans are not secure clamped to a round surface.