Overheated coconut canna oil :(

I took about 1/3 of my indoor Gold Leaf harvest yesterday, decarbed, slow heated in coconut oil, and put it in the freezer overnight. Today I went to finish it with a reheat but my induction cooktop was freaking out about the temperature setting (turning off and on) so I just set it to heat “3” out of 10 and walked off. Came back in 10 minutes and it was frying. I pulled it off and put the pan in cold water. My instant read thermometer said it was 390F, so probably 400 or so at the time of the cook.

My assumptions are that it’s done. I mean, that’s definitely past THC vaporizing temperature. Is there any point to straining at this point? I suppose I can try one in a capsule and see. At least that way I don’t have to taste the burn…

I’m pretty bummed and mad at myself, because it represents a good amount of work growing the bud. On the positive side, my outdoor GL is looking really good and just starting flower, so in a few months I’ll have plenty more of that strain.


It’s probably toast, but I’d go ahead and finish it, and give it a try. Who knows? But you’ll be wondering a while if you don’t even try it.