Overdrying the harvest

Trimmed fan leaves and hung my weed. Was unable to return for a month and a half. 4 lbs. of weed now bone dry. Can’t trim, buds turn to dust. Can I rehydrate the room with a humidifier to restore buds enough to trim or is it time to make concentrate. Dry sift, bubble, oil. Thanks

If you want to save em I would gently put em in large trash bags and add something with moisture in it, in the bag with the weed. There’s many things just be careful not to leave it in there and let it mold, I’ve done this but on a much smaller scale so I think it will work the same, here’s some things to use my choice first… orange peels… flour tortilla… lettuce… apple chunks … Etc… good luck

You cannot put the moisture back in. Not to that degree. You already answered your question. It’s time to make some sort of concentrate. Sorry about that.


You would do well to make hash out of it. Because its so dry, maybe do bubble hash? Get some bags!

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