Overdrying on harvest

I just harvesrted my girls ,but may have overdried the colas and buds, in which I added orange peel to dydrate buds. Is curing still viable yet due to overdrying buds? Will curing and burping do any difference or am I past a curing process.

DEFINITELY cure them still. Hopefully when you place them into jars you’ll see that you haven’t actually over dried your buds, there should still be some moisture inside and when placed in jars it will help those dry buds get some moisture. You can literally put them in a jar, breathe in the jar, and a couple hours later you bud should already be less dry. Orange peels definitely work for adding moisture, but I always worried about mold and the scent. Hope this helps though!


put your buds in jars and order some of these…



Use the Boveda you’ll love it

Yes I will be using this in the future. Am too far past to use now. I did
put some wet bud in with the dry bud and it worked out this time. Thanks
for the imput.

I found that the Boveda 62% left my buds too damp for my taste. On a positive note; Boveda read my mind and just introduced a new 58% pack, and I plan on using that in my jar instead of 62%. :slight_smile:

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If you stick them in a jar they will probably stabilize. You can always cure. ???

A Cannabis leaf is the best way to add moisture back to over dried bud.

Buy some 58% - 62% Boveda paks

thanks, 58% sounds great %