Overactive sweat glands

I was wondering if anyone else suffers some sweating while not doing anythin. I mean just dieting in bed or layin in be I can become drenched sometimes. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

have you had your thyroid level checked. big signal is night sweats.

I’ve had blood test done, not recently, but they always come.back negative. I have a theory, but it could be other things. I think I may be seeing the very very early stages of Parkinsons. I have the overactive sweating, emotionless face all the time, and hand tremors. I need to just go to the doc, but I hate goin to the VA.

if you are on as many meds as some of us are, I would be concerned about the tremors. sometimes you can only have tremors when you are making movements, but no tremors when at rest. a lot of psych meds the VA tends to use can have tremors as side effect. Have ya started any new meds recently?

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No I stay away from va meds. I only take a blood thinner and something for pain, non narcotic. I had all of these symptoms before I started taking their meds and it made it worse. I was a zombie with no life in my body. I got out smoked a joint and haven’t looked back since. I was planning already smoking when I got out of the Army and I know it could help with some.ofnthe stuff I was dealing with. So I tried it it helps me more than anything else, so I never looked back.

does weed help for your sweats, I sweat when I push out a fart. I would love to know what helps.
mind you I always sweated a lot but since I started on the pain meds and im taking like 5 different ones. now the sweating is gross I sometimes have to change shirts while at work.

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Yeah are they opoids(wrong spelling)? When I was on them they made me itch and sweat, but bud doesn’t really help me with the sweating. It may help you though. It affects everyone different. I have to apply deodorant at least 4 times a day and that when I’m just layin around the house.

As I was reading what you were saying I started to think to myself I wonder if you have high blood pressure and then you mentioned something about a blood thinner so that’s kind of why I was asking because I think sometimes people with high blood pressure tend to have some of the things that you’re saying going on… maybe that’s just something to look at also…


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I’ve been checked and checked for high BP. I just take the thinners because I have a pe, which led to massive blood clots in both lungs last Sept.

Same here I would rip the skin off my arms and legs and Dr’s said it’s not the meds
Went to weed nightly and I now take 1 prescription pill once every two days instead of 4 drugs 3 times a day. Weed is my hero. No more itch after you flush the shitty prescriptions out of your body

Rob Katz


Yeah, it was because if the opoids in them that make you itch, but I haven’t been on rx pain meds or meds since I tried an attempt on my life at the end of last August, which put me.in the hospital where I had the PE and they found the clots. That is a scary thing to have a PE. It was so intense pain that I had 4 shots of morphine and 3 nitro tabs before it started to wane

You are a pretty lucky guy to live through that… but yeah It was just a guess as far as your blood pressure… hopefully at some point you will be able to get things back on track and feeling better I hope… :wink:

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Appreciate it peach. Yeah I though about that at forst, but then it’s been goin on since before that. Hopefully I’ll be able to get off them. I need some new ink… I’m addicted to tattoos haha

Hope you feel better with weed
It’s great for me

Rob Katz

Oh yeah. I mean bud has changed my life. I’m a better person to be around and more likeable. I’m just a whole different person when I have my herb.


My hubby has always been a sweaty guy. That’s one of the reasons our house is so cold-- he’s sweating, so he automatically thinks it is hot, but it isn’t. He’s just in constant severe pain, so he sweats. Pain will do that-- cause you to sweat. His hands shake a lot too, side effects of high blood pressure, severe pain, and his medications that he’s on. Oh and all the alcohol he consumes-- or used to-- to help the narcotics dull his pain. Since he started using cannabis every day, his hands don’t shake nearly so much, he doesn’t drink as much, his blood pressure has finally stabilized, he’s reduced his medication, and his pain level is a lot more tolerable. And I think he handles the stress from his job a lot better-- he’s not as grumpy, and he doesn’t rant about it so much anymore.

See your doctor, get a full workup to rule out anything you don’t already have, and keep smoking pot. :sunglasses:


I would if I had any lmao. I just went to the dr back in December and they drew blood an I never heard anything back…

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I love hearing stories on how marijuana has changed and helped people’s life. That’s what Congress and the government need to hear to break the old stigma attached to it. We’re all.not.like snoop dog and wiz Khalifa. Most people don’t smoke by the oz


“No news is good news.”…

Unless they don’t tell you that you won the lottery haha