Over week 4, many leavs turning yellow, I think too many suddenly

Okay, I think I have a problem with my white widow plants, maybe, its been four weeks of flowering, and I will look through my books later today, I have one plant in a three gallon pot showing the yellowing more pronounced than the others in five gallon pots, and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to repot that three gallon pot clone, the others are all mother plants, so eight plants total in a tent, seven are mothers seven months old, and one four month old clone, flowering pretty much week 4. I have been using a flowering nutrient, and last watering a flowering nutrient, I think it says Iguana bloom( and I have three sets of unused Robert bergmans flowering nutrients I was saving), but I used the bloom fertilizer and carbo load to feed my mircorbial and fungi microbial root booster, and I notice a lot of leaves are yellowing, I mean, I take that usually to mean lack of nitrogen, but hey, I can’t start nitrogen infusing them during flowering. Anyway, I have these photos, darned led lights screw up the photos. The tops of one large plant look like all the leaves are getting yellowing. I know I am on week four, I am pretty sure, it was the middle of last month, it could be week five, but really the buds aren’t that big, and I figure I have a long time to go maybe another month for sure or more before starting to harvest, errr, that is if I don’t kill them first somehow. I don’t think I gave them too much bloom fertilizer, is possible though, cause I gave them bloom nutrient at half strength in between full strength, full strength being 16 ml per gallong of water full strength. Maybe I have created a nute lockout for all nitrogen or other nutrients, unsure
The smallish bud leaves aren’t turning yellow, they are healthy looking, I mean, if I had more experience or read all my books, I suppose I’d know if this is normal, I mean, maybe a lot of leaves are gonna have toyelow and drop off in order to have a healthy stalk of bud? Geese, next time I take photos, I should wait for the lights to just go off and shine a regular light inside to take photos, or just before they come on, etc, a light that aint reddish, those pics aren’t good

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Sounds like you did over due a bit.
Have you checked your PH?
If you don’t have you can get one here


You should fill out the support ticket very important. You can find it here


Hope this helps

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Something went wrong in the root zone , ouch ? But maybe one of the experts will help you correct your issues , but when I grow its not until week four I stop the nitrogen totally . From the switch into flower I gradually lower my nitrogen 2.5 ml at a time while adding 2.5 ml of bloom until the plant makes the transition without stress . Example ; last week of veg , let’s say it’s at 10 ml ? I feed 10 ml of veg and add 2.5 of bloom nutrients , next feeding take 7.5 ml veg nukes , 5 ml bloom , next 5 ml veg nukes , 7.5 ml bloom nukes , that way the plant don’t stress from sudden changes in nutrients at the root zone , but "I’m No Expert " , so don’t take my suggestions seriously , it’s what I do …happy growing !!!

Yoshi, that’s the way it’s done.
That’s what I’ve said for some time now

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Right you taught me that brother , and it works flawlessly no stress , full vigorous growth , plant goes into transition fast and than the big stretch , it flowers …awesome !!!

Thanks for the help, apparently my mind and body is in too much of a twist lately, I mean, there it was printed clearly on mother earth tea that 2ml per liter(8ml per gallon) is used for all weeks of bloom phase. I mean, stupid stupid stupid, which is why during my first grow I aint using up all my great nutrients till I get my head straight on the issure. Another reason I used pressed paper five gallon pots, due to I just watered with the weak solution of mother earth super tea even though I watered three days ago. Adding in the nutrient water around the stem, not overly too much, that should be enough to stop a headlong destruction. I’m almost reconsidering putting the three gallon pot plant into a five gallon pot, but likely a waste. Seems like I knew I had to add in a small amount of nitrogen, but I’ve had health difficulties putting my mind on other things,

All my super skunk clones are doing good including the mother in the vegging areas, I mean, I’m hoping to be be able to flower a second batch and some super skunk plants, errrrr, this year.