Over watering problem

So I realized after a few bending plants that I was over watering. When do you guys water? Everyday or every other day? Week 1,2,3,4

I water when the soil is dry, that could be 1 day to 7 days. Never water moist soil.


Really depends on plant and pot size but I typically setup my plants and pots so I only have to water every 3 or 4 days.

Welcome to the forum. Please give us a little more information and a picture. As mentioned wen the medium is dry it takes a little experience tiger the hang of it. Two methods are lifting the planter and the fiber test to the second knuckle. I have plants that will be starting week 4 above ground and they get 250ml about every 3rd day right now.

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I agree, there’s a lot of variables. Some people need to water every day and others could probably go a week between waterings. Type of soil or growing media could change that a lot, but so will age of your plants and growing conditions.

My plant is 3 weeks. Transferred it in SoHum living soil Monday

Think it’s having a calcium deficiency, could you tell me what’s goingon with it? Why it’s getting those white edges

Looks too small to have calcium deficiency, doesn’t look like it either. I don’t see white edges, but may be a little nutrient burn.

Do plants usually bounce back from that

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You are likely just dealing with some root shock from transplant. Is it starting to look better?

This how it looks today