Over watering or to much light

First grow ever. Two plants in the back are 14 days above ground . The ones in the front are 17 days. The leaves on a couple are turning down a little on the edges. I have a spider farmer Sf1000 and bestva 1000 blurple in 2x2. Been watering at pH of 6.8. and using Bergman’s nutrients at 400 ppm. I had the I recently lowered the lights from 30 inches to 24 inches but moved them back up when I noticed slight curling in leaves.i know I have two many plants In the tent being I have very bad grow fever being my first time, other than that do you see any problems coming my way


I don’t see anything wrong


I think U look good but you have 2 plants in 1 pot. That could lead to big problems down the road. The roots will get tangled up and those roots are going to be fighting for water and nutes. And you will probably run out of space in that pot. My girls usually fill up and hang over the pot when she gets bigger


Do u think I will be ok with 4 in the 2x2 tent if I top or use lst method. They are Al white widow autos, and I was working why the nodes are so close on three and one of them looks good and everything is spaced out a little better

The white widow in the pot with 2 plants looks exactly like you would want for that strain. Haven’t grown it in 3 years but I have plenty of WW seeds

Having 2 plants in the same soil is going to cause problems. Been there, done that. They will compete for
the resources. Outside that, they look fine.

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I think your plants look great, I do suggest put one plant for pot. Good luck :v:

Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: The ladies look nice and healthy. But, they hate to share. You will be happiest when they each have their own home. Would u fill this out for us so we can help further?

Yep, separate those two in the same pot before they grow any more.


They actually dont play super well together.