Over watering or nitrogen toxicity

I have noticed my plants look a little droopy lately, with no spotting on the leaves

. Then again it could be normal… I’m still learning as this is my first grow… I did a little reading on droopy leaves and came to either im over watering or there is too much nitrogen…im using ffhf soil and FF trio nutes…

Also should I clip the leaves that are touching the soil?

I think you should not water for a couple of days and just mist her with a sprayer and make sure to get under the leaves…Bottom leaves are drooping because they do not receive light.

Are there drain holes in the bottom of that container?


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I last watered her on Tuesday night… Right now the soil is still a little moist… So I’ll wait couple of days like you said.

Yes MacGyver I did drill about 10 or so 1/4 in holes on the bottom of the pot… Should I drill more around the perimeter of the base?

That should be enough for good drainage.

Letting it get drier between watering is probably a good idea.

Also, that does look like it is kind of a small container, you might be getting root-bound, which can also make your plant droopy.


I just found out a couple of days ago there is a hydro shop about 15 mins away… I’m definitely gonna check it out tomorrow, and see if what kinds of pots they have…

What about this plant?

… She’s in a 16oz cup… She looks droopy too… But her soil is pretty dry and is very light

This one does look like it probably needs water.

If you notice, the look of the leaves, the way they are drooping, is a bit different.

The over watered droop looks like the leaves are kind of bloated, yet droopy, and the under watered leaves look more shriveled up and droopy.



Edward welcome to ILGM

What you have there is " OverWatering "
Let her dry out say for two days then go easy with the water.
If it was to much nitrogen you would have a completely different problem on your hands


Thanks MacGyver and Garrigan… Do you think it will recuperate if stop watering it till the soil dries up?

Yes definatley it should