Over-watering/Nute Deficiency?

Just wanted a quick take on this issue im running into. 8 1/2 into veg. with these tropicana cookies PPs. I’m not sure if the drooping on this one plant is from over watering or nutrient deficiency, or even from a recent pruning to clean up the lower skirts. Growing in FFOF and a super soil blend. Any input is helpful, especially since I’m about to flip to flower. Thanks Growmies :metal: :handshake: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks nice and healthy to me. Could have been a little stressed or just felt like putting her neck down.


The few times I see these droopy leaves is right after watering or when you’re on hour 15-18 of lights on. The leaves on both plants are screaming for magnesium though.


would you suggest some calmag treatment for them, and at what doseage for how long would you say? I have it on hand

Droopy leaves is common. We all experience it so its usually not a problem. Bobby has you covered.

I would suggest some epsom salt feedings. Don’t see any calcium deficiency so Calmag is unnecessary. Do like a 1/4tsp/gallon. Wait till they dry out then give them an epsom salt feed.

Do give the epsom salt time to dissolve before feeding.


per gallon or water or gallon of medium?

Per gallon of water.

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Looks pretty good to me. She might just be having a rest. :wink:

Thank you growmie, ill give this a shot next watering and report back!

I don’t know how long into the light cycle the pic is, but mine do it with about 1 1/2 hour to lights off.

I agree with @BobbyDigital it definitely needs magnesium but otherwise quite healthy plants

Just picked up some epsom salt, going to give it a shot tonight now that the girls have dried out and are ready for it. Will report back!


Keep in mind it will take a few weeks to recover. The new growth should start coming in nice and green.

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Just to clarify, I should get the girls back up to correct health before flipping to flower right? I’m about to enter week 9 of veg

Looks like early stages of nitrogen deficiency by the dark veins and light green leaves

How would you recommend I fix that growmie?

Use nothing on your next watering but ph balanced water until you get some run off

This is a better pic of the one that you think is nitrogen deficient.

I was going by this chart. Always seem to be accurate