Over watered white widow

!its beenaweekandno changes


Howdy Boudica
Have you got a bug problem? :thinking:
What are all those black spots on leaves,are they critters?

Is the soil still wet?

Hey @Boudica, please stop making topics regarding this plant. Pardon any disrespect, but multiple growers on separate threads have informed you that the plant is past salvation. It is in full on flower and will take too long to recover in order to produce anything worthwhile.

You have created multiple topics, using the same pic for the same plant for over a week and have been given solid advice from experienced growers. Not only is it more work for the moderators when multiple topics regarding the same issue are created, but it is also kind of disrespectful to growers that are here trying to help.

My suggestion, and jeez this is as brutal as I’ve ever been here, is to scrap the plant. Find some quality cannabis friendly soil, a known nutrient brands, and germinate another seed.


:point_up_2: Agree, the right decision is rarely the popular one :love_you_gesture:


Yep, this is the thing to do.


Fabric pot instead of plastic on the next attempt will help soil moisture from staying constantly damp as well

Wet/dry cycle is what you are aiming for.

I also agree that even if you were able to “save” this poor thing, it would not be worth what you are going to get from it

Start over


It must be an auto… i thought long and hard while purchasing my seeds if i wanted to switch to autoflower seeds or stick with photoperiods… my conclusion was that i don’t want to mess around with autoflowering plants due to they are very unforgiving. If i make one mistake with it, it wont grow to its full potential. Whereas, a photoperiod you can LST or/and HST anytime you choose and it will recover. It is mother natures way. Im sticking with it. Just something to consider. Do you want a pick up truck or a Mercedes? I’m a pick up truck kinda guy. They take abuse…


Autos (in theory) are great for a mid grow harvest when growing long time photo periods or if growing outdoors and you don’t want to wait in until fall. Other than that, I can’t think of a good reason to grow them. I may throw some autos in my next grow just to have a mid grow harvest.


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Your other topics have been removed as duplicates. Please don’t create multiple topics for the same subject or issue.


I agree… it would be nice to have something flowering already…

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