Over Watered my Autoflower

So my seedlings were doing good until I watered them. Just a little circle around the outside of the seedling. Got up this morning and both are dropping.
What to do…just remove the dome and let it dry out…HELP!!!


picture? if it’s sprouted I would get rid of the dome. They need a slight indirect breeze to strengthen stems or they just flop over.

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I’ll get a pic in just a few minutes.

At seedling stage I only spritz the inside of the dome

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60% peat moss and perlite 40% FF0. 5 GAL fabric pots 32w CFL/plant. The one on the left is a Fastbud Lsd-25 auto the other is a Seedsman Hindu Kush auto. Ive only misted until yesterday.

While yes people tell you to water around the edge I typically give the center a couple of spritzes for the 1st 5 days in case the roots haven’t gone deep enough yet also do a lux reading (free phone app) anything less then 7k just isnt enough. Also seedling dont need humidity domes once they pop out of the soil without a helmet head

So all I can do now is let them dry out and hope for the best?

Try propping then up with a split drinking straw.

With it split they will pop it off on their own when they grow out of it.


oh it’s tiny. mine didnt come out straight for the most part either. aloy has you covered.

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Yeah the one with it’s second set of leaves (fastbud lsd-25) is only 5 days old the Hindu Kush in like 10 days old. The Kush has only cotyledon for some reason? I think the LSD is gonna be fine, not sure about the Kush.

It looks like the LSD has burn edges but it’s actually a piece if perlite.

Yesss ingenious


Unfortunately I can’t take credit for it. I stole the idea from someone else. lol But it works like a charm.


Well the one (LSD) dried up and died😪I give up😤

Don’t give up. Sounds like she may have damped off. Did the stem shrink and flop over at soil level?

That’s genius

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Yes after only overwatering one time and only gave it like 8-9 ounces of PH correct water. When I PH’ed my water I used it right then, should I have waited on hour or so.
Gonna try another LSD-25 seed and use Hellraiser method in solo cup. I have flushed my 5 gallon pot with water. Prolly juss go from solo cup to 5 gallon fabric pot. Got to get them going soon cause I’m running out of warm weather.

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Over watering seedlings is super easy unfortunately and damping off comes on quick. I still struggle with it.

Wish I knew how to tag Hellraiser, would like for him to chime in…:weary: