Over trimming a small plant

can you kill a 30 day old plant by over trimming??

It could, but it is a weed.

I’ve done some really heavy trimming. I’ve seen stunting, but the plant eventually bounces back hard.

I hope they will also have to watch and day-by-day and just check there growth hopefully they won’t be stunned…THANKS

Do you think I will see growth within a week

Yes. The plant will continue to grow, just maybe not as fast.

You have a picture?

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Hello @Gooch, and welcome to ILGM! There are many ways to kill a plant! :wink: I agree you could severely slow its growth, but eventually nature finds a way. Is it an autoflowering plant, or a photoperiod? Most recommend very little trimming with autos, or at least very strategically timing your trimming to avoid stunting them and cutting into your yield. If it’s a 30 day old auto, depending how much you’ve trimmed, you might be best off chalking it up as a learning experience and starting over. If they’re photos, and you haven’t begun flowering yet, you might just have to veg a little longer to get the size plant you’re shooting for before you flip. If you can post some pictures, and tell us a little more about your setup, we can certainly get your garden headed in the right direction. :v:

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