Over or Under-Watered?

Hi Everyone I can’t seem to tel if my plants are over or under watered and that is why the leaves are sagging. Some help would be great. Here are two photos of the plants. I water the plants a little bit once a day and they are about 4 weeks old. I did not water the plants yesterday also to see what would happen, the plants looked much better before that but they were still partially sagging.

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These are Jesus OG plants that are in small pots in a 20 Wlight and another powerful plant growing bulb. They are in a smaller inclosed area that has a fan in it and the fertilizer I am giving them is not very strong but I did use soil with fertilizer in it.

How are your temps they are wilting which can be from many things too much heat too much/little water lack of root space or too strong fertilizer in your soil? The yellowing leafs suggest nutrient burn and or root stress bigger pots and fresh ph’d water at 6.5 is where I would start


I agree with @Donaldj could be many things. I would get them in bigger pots and check the PH of your water and hold off on any fertilizers / nutes. That way you can start narrowing it down.

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I third that vote

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I’m on my first grow (27 days) , and I’ve been watering every 3 or 4 days. Waiting untill they are dry until Nuckle deep in the soil.

Every day seems excessive.


Yea im on day 5 with out water but im also running 7 gallon smart pots. Ive noticed there is no set schedule for watering. It all depends on your soil, pots, and the plant.

Your not watering enough…
You need to water slowly so that the soil can absorb the water… you have let them dry out so much that the soil is becoming hydrophobic and can’t absorb the water… so even though you think your Watering your plants , you’re really not… your barely giving them enough to stay alive , but not enough to thrive… even when you move to a bigger pot if you continue to water this way you will have no benefits and the same thing will happen …you need to understand that when you transplant into a bigger pot you need to really give your plants a good watering to where the whole pot is saturated … then let that pot dry out for 3 to 4 days depending on if it’s a 3-gallon or 5-gallon anything bigger than a five-gallon you might want to let it dry for at least five to six days… either way the very first watering you do is crucial and you really want to saturate the pot so that it weighs a ton …then every watering after that the soil will adhere to the water and grab onto it and hold it for your plant for the duration of the three or four days… if you just give your plant a little bit of water what ends up happening is the soil becomes hydrophobic and it doesn’t hold water it actually repels it and you end up with the situation you’re in now… :wink:

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