Over dried my buds, humidity 50…options?

I am using a cannatrol, borrowing from friend. I over dried my ILGM AK47 and now curing sitting at 50…October 16th started curing. All my mason jars sitting at 50 humidity. If I get those humidity packs…will that help? What is my pain due to this low cure? Temp at 71…thank you in advance!

Ya, something like 62% boveda packs should at least help some. Drying too much usually has some effect on scent/flavor and maybe smoke a little more harsh.


Thanks…I will get some.I grew photos first time ever and been harvesting for a month. I’m drying white widow now and bubble gum still in ground. I will do better with those…this the season🙂


I’ve seen others on this forum recommend putting a lettuce leaf in for a while to add some moisture. Fruit peelings work as well. I’ve never tried it when curing, but I’ve added a piece of apple peel into bags I’ve gotten that were too dry. Just don’t leave it too long or you’ll end up with the opposite problem.

If you use boveda packs don’t let them make contact with the bud. Idk how but it does negatively effect terpenes. I’d recommend you get Grove bags in the future. They’re fool proof. Just dry til ready to cure and put your bud in the bags.


I would use some orange or lemon peel or small chunk of apple or gently mist inside your jars to get humidity up. It is a lot harder to raise humidity than to lower it, and although boveda packs work pretty well on the relative humidity they suck the terps from your bud causing me to throw mine out and go back to what i previously stated which worked better in the long run.


One word. Celery.

It doesn’t mold, transfers very little smell or flavor, and works like a champ!


@Newt I will remember to use celery in the future. I just finished using a piece of lettuce on a couple of jars.


I’ve used fan leaves successfully.


Yeah… Fans are my go-to, but at 50%, it might take a lot of fans, or a single small piece of celery.


That goes into the encyclopedia! Much appreciated.:call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:


So I took a cannibus fresh leaf off an ILGM BUBBLE GUM photo and humidity brought up to 54-60 with a leaf in each jar. Any expectation you can provide of how long I do this before a vaccuum seal bag for the bud?

I’ve never vacuum sealed any of my stuff, so not sure. But as long as things are going well I would most likely try to cure for a month.

@Myfriendis410 you use vacuum sealer?

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I don’t vacuum seal but rather put in Mason Jars in the freezer. You can vacuum seal jars of flower with the right top but doing it in a bag will render flower unusable for anything but edibles. It will collapse the flower into a hard lump that you can’t pull apart.


I have used a vacuum sealing machine, but when I do I only seal with it, and not use the vacuum function. On mine, if you just leave the opening of the bag out of the vacuum trough, it works well.

Here’s a few more details. Inside the food saver bag goes a Boveda. Then into the vacuum bag goes a ziploc containing the flowers, and then heat seal without vacuum. The Boveda maintains the humidity in the food saver bag, and the zip-loc prevents the buds from touching the Boveda.

I’ve stored for better than a year this way.