Over dried after harvest help

I got stuck out of town for 8 days because of snow 2 days longer than planned the last 2 days was at 30% humidity I’m I’ve trimmed now and put in jars but some are really dry how can I fix this I have hydro packs in jars with flower now do I still need to burp every day

What is the humidity in the jars?

I had a similar issue. Orange peels worked for me. Won’t be the same as a good cure but it will moisten up a little.

50% humidty

Just grab some Boveda humidity packs online to put inside the jars. I like the 58% personally

lettuce leaves

@imSICKkid I’ve been thinking about switching to 58% using 62% now and they seem to work well. Tell me why you prefer 58%. Thanks bro

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I just prefer the flower at 58%. Just the way it breaks down for joints or whatever. I like my flower to be a little squishy but I like the calyxes to separate whenever I break it down.

Exactly I. Guessing the difference isn’t real easy to notice. Only reason I do 62 is because the majority of things I read 62. My next havest I’ll do a scientific study 62 in half my jars in 58. I don’t have any complaints with 62 but I’m always willing to try a different way if it’s better. Happy growing @imSICKkid

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You too man! :metal:

I’m in a similar boat. Just finished my first harvest, thought everything was going great. I got them trimmed and put in jars but the humidity stayed in the mid 20%.
I added Boveda bags to help bring it up, but they only went up to the mid 40%.
Now what to do?