Over 8 Days - seeds not cracking

Really upset here, I purchased over 500 worth of seeds but ILGM said they never got the cash. The seeds were sent with good faith that they would get the cash. I got the seeds however I have been trying to crack them for about 8 days now. 20 of white widow and 20 of Super Skunk. I am using a grow tent and the temp has gotten above 85 for a a couple of hours. I have dug up a couple and they have not done a thing. NOTHING.
I have used some other seeds from another source and they cracked in 4 days.
Im thinking that maybe Robert sent me old seeds thinking that i was lying about the cash. I am going to try to crack the others that were sent but this is a nightmare. Now I have to scramble for more seeds.

This is why you don’t send cash in the mail.

Yep I think they just sent me a bunch of shit seeds. It worked last year fine. all my seeds cracked fine… I will never do this again. I got completely ripped off by ILGM. Wish they would have told me that the seeds were shit. I lost both time and money on these guys!

You sent cash ? Not a check or money order? And if you give more info of your process of trying to germinate in detail there are guys on here that can help. Sorry about your luck, but i don’t believe they would send you crap seeds. Robert and his people are very friendly…

So next time you do a 500 order, and there is no charge per order…put each seed type under it’s own order number…250 ww and 250 ss or whatever…lots of seeds! It is a brave person putting that much cash in an envelope…stamps to ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA, $1.50 or so.

i agree with JJ, Roberts people are are very friendly and helpful… The fact that you got 500 .worth of free seed and they got zero … says a lot … but they wouldn’t send you or any one BAD SEED …their REP is allways on the line … so lets look at this scientifically… describe in detail , what you did to germinate them…??? try this … soak seeds in warm water 75 F for 3 hours only , fresh seed drown easy … then take and soak plain paper towels in water then DRAIN them WELL , hold at 45-50 degrees until the water stops dripping off, then place your seeds under the first layer of towel , Cover in saran wrap tightly . place in a warm 78-80 F area that’s dark or cover with a bowel to darken … The only one i lost lately was one that i hurried on AND DIDNT Drain The paper towels well …it drowned. and they offered a replacement. lol i Declined … HERE S one last thought they trusted you to send the cash !! And they sent the seeds 500.$worth with out have gotten payed . AND now your talking BAD. NOT NICE… if i was you id apolidjise to them … they, Deserve IT And i hope your next beans sprout big an strong … sincerely Hammer…

I had some trouble with seedlings recently too, I know it’s recommended here but I dont like soaking seeds for 24 hours. if you want to, @Donaldj as a better way (jmho), soak til they sink, that means the water has permeated the shell and the seed has become heavier than water at that point.

I personally recommend putting them between a couple of paper towels and in between a couple of saucers, keep dark and warm (check them for moisture 2x day) for a few days

With that said I planted a seed on 3/3 and here it is today!

well, yesterday but it looks about the same (20 days!?)

I guess I just have good luck? on my last 2 seed purchases I went 10/10 using shot glass within a week all had sprouted and my last batch 3/5 sprouted within 3 days

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Someday soon, we’ll be able to buy Burpee Seeds Cannabis everywhere, 50 seeds in a pack…$1.99

Then we’ll start 20 seeds and keep the best, toss the rest.

Or grow 20 outside, legally, just keeping the best buds, toss the rest.


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I am fussy so am ordering an air still to make RSO since Jan have stocked up over a pound in jars and 2 ladies on last feed in flower room with 3 starting week 1 in flower and and 9 more ready to be flipped and 4 more air layer clones to stick into hydro. Weather being in question today I should be able to get to hydro shop and get some more baskets today imo a person only needs a few seeds to start once you have one healthy mother clone away at one point this grow I had over 40 plants going at once rooted and happy then I culled as my space required.
But as I said I am fussy any airy buds or buds which don’t have decent size go to my oil stock my goal is to flower out all but 2 mothers in the next 2 months so I can relocate and rebuild my space this means around another lb to come and I can be quite picky. I am looking forward to testing the Jack herer I harvested on Sat she will be getting jarred today to start curing. I am going to the coast for a week this summer so will visit some seed shops and look at new strains but I had awesome success with Purple Kush from Crop King seeds. So I would see myself using same approach on any new strain plant 10 clone only the best then cull any which are too small save a mother and keep strain until bored of it :slight_smile:
Though my new flower room will be running 2-3 600w larger circ fans and all DWC with co2 still up in the air atm? I also will be steering away from the super costly product lines and sticking to GH which has given me most success buying an RO unit, so I have a busy summer ahead

Budget nutrients sounds great…$50-$100 and more is high. I am not endorsing Miracle Grow on this forum, but $25 a season for six plants with leftovers, veg then blossom…

There has to be a better way. Checking GH out, after Robert’s and AN are gone.


GH had great products you’ll be satisfied not that I’m trying to get you to switch lol I wouldn’t do that to Robert and Claire they are great and wonderful people I enjoy Roberts nutrients though haven’t been let down once same as with seeds i dont believe they’d send bad seeds purposely


Maybe, but sadly not in my lifetime, I waited fifty years just to get legal! (and I
blame William Randolph Hearst)

Best thing is to do a seed crop, not that popular anymore it seems, but it enables one to begin a perpetual sea of green from then on, & it just takes one seed crop to start…!


Thanks for the responses! OK I apologize to Robert now, When i first wrote this I was very upset about the whole damn thing. I sent the money like they instructed on the website. I will contact Robert about the payment. I don’t think I will never deal with the overseas seed banks again. Its too much of a pain. last year i sent 1300 bucks for seeds to IGLM and had no problems.
I am still trying to crack the 40 seeds but I don’t think they will do anything. They are still sitting in the soil. For 2 days I had them under lights with a cover on it. I think maybe the heat killed them, because it got up too 95 degrees. Chalk it up for experience. Now I have to pay Robert with no seeds. SHIT going to try to find seeds locally I guess.

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Oregons seed bank has great seeds and options, so does bonza seeds and seeds supreme