Oven decarb unnecessary for some applications

I ran into a surprise result on an experiment this past weekend. I was making some THCa oil for a relative to attempt to treat a condition. This meant that I took cured flower, ground it up, and steeped it in coconut oil at 160F for multiple hours. The goal was to keep temperatures below decarb levels but high enough to encourage the solution of cannabinoids.

Once I was done, I strained off the oil and eyeballed the green remains. I decided to add more oil, raise the oil temperature to 240F (I have an induction cooktop with a temperature setting and a Thermapen), and let it go an hour. I was just curious what was left. The material turned brown and bubbles were coming up. Once the hour was complete, I strained the oil into a jar.

Fast forward to last night. 0.75ml dose, and I assumed it would be somewhere between unnoticeable and mildly sleepy. Instead, it blew me away. It lasted the better part of five hours, until I went to bed.

What gives? Well, I think my toaster oven decarb-in-foil method was actually more damaging to my herb than a precision oil temperature. I will be going straight to the oil moving forward.