Oven cooking bags used for curing


these are the Euro favorites, you only have to buy them once and they are superb for weed storage…in my humble opinion

Amazon do them


as nigh time here…discuss lr :santa:


Ya I have wanted that style jar. I like the latching lid… bit more than I want a latching lid I want $$$, specifically my $$$. So I will be using whatever jars i have in the house, pickle jars, spaghetti jars, any and all my glass jars that have not previously been filled with green ooze lol


I like using gallon mason jars with the vacuum sealer attachment for my food sealer it works great for me never had any problems with mold and vacuum sealing the jar helps bring out the smell alot more. I Plus with mason jars if the lids go bad you can buy new ones as your harvest gets bigger 5gal buckets with the food prepper lids on them work i have tried the 5gal buckets to cure but it took alot longer to cure and to keep them at the right humidity is a little bit of live and learn to. Hope this helps you


these Kilner Jars are quite reasonably priced here in Euroland, ru in Amerika ? as Amazon do them…Ya gotta watch out for bacteria in used food containers as they love to mold up pot big time :space_invader:


Anybody try or use those Integra/Boost humidity control packs or other competitor’s to Boveda? Are any as good or better than Boveda packs? I have heard a lot about the Boveda packs on here, but not much about other products… Have heard some say the Boveda packs make their buds smell strange…?


I’ve heard they aren’t necessary for the first 2-3 month after harvest and even then they may reduce bud terpenes