Outta the Fridge

So you have some seeds in the fridge/freezer? How do you defrost/thaw them? I actually pulled five seeds outta the fridge. I then boiled some water up to 190 degrees. I dropped each strain in individual cups for each one with 190 degree water. Soaked them there for 2-3 minutes. Coincidentally, after doing the 3 day soak in dark environment three had little tails and the other two didn’t. Took nearly a week and one has popped. I may have done something wrong. I forget sometimes that growing a seed in the final pot, in this case a seven gallon fabric pot, the pot must soak until a little water runs out from the bottom. I keep spraying it like it’s in a little pot.

I.dont believe u wanna boil seeds u r gonna try to grow. 190° is quite hot im surprised any popped open and wasnt like cooked cabbage lol. Id say next time try warm tap water woth a cap full of peroxide mixed in it and put seeds in that. Autos are best to start off in the final home but photos can be started in solos or smaller pots and moved up from there. Each transplant will stall roughly a week tho to spread its roots when planted. Good luck


Id advise the same. 190 is quite hot. Most plants are comfy with what we are.

IE if the lights at canopy are hot to the hand, its hot to the leaf.

If its cold enough to shiver, too cold for plants.

Etc etc. id def use warm water nexttime.

And for older seeds, scuffing with fine sandpaper seems to be a nice trick. A seed breeder sent me some in a lil shaker cup for some legacy seeds i orderd once. Works like a charm for older bred stash