Outside or inside grow

Trying to grow in ground instead of grow room

This is a citrus farmer planted in my flower bed in May.

What you think


Looks gorgeous! Take preventive action for critters.

No indoor light can touch the Sun.

Might want to clear around it a bit more

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I would but don’t want my 11 yr grandsons see to so trying to camouflage

Here are some others that are planted in the ground expect for the one in blue

What preventive action do I also ho much watering and when. What shall I feed them as well

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Water when you don’t feel moisture anymore with your finger inserted in the ground. You should water more often when you know hasn’t been any rain. Should feed every time you water.
Do you have a nutrient line?
Jacks 321 is an affordable line to use, just need a scale for measuring.

Jacks deadbug, and neem oil work very well as preventatives outside.
Happy growing!