Outside now or with its buddies

I have WW auto (2) growing inside, 7th week. Not spectacular mass of bud but 1st grow and I will get some bud out of it. They stretched as seedlings as my first light was not very strong. Changed to a better-LED light and they seem to be doing great now.

I decided to experiment with one more WW auto and plan to grow it outside for comparison. Unfortunately, it is stretching under that underperforming light as well. So… can I put this seedling under the new light with the two established plants if I place the seedling lower? The current LED light is at 28" from the top of the plants and at 100%. Or, can I just put it outside??

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Hey there. looks like the beginning of an exciting new grow journal.
it is a little hard to judge just based on your question, pictures would definitely be helpful. you seem to be addressing a few possible issues.
The first is stretch. if your new seedling has already had a lot of stretch, depending on how old it is, you may be able to bury it a little deeper to give it support (you dont want to be burying the first set of leaves though). you also may want to insure that it is hardened off before subjecting it to a much stronger light.

That said, you will see lots of folks putting younger seedlings into the same tent as some older plants. you can even let the big plant provide some “shade” while it is adapting.

i currently have a small plant in with my larger girls and as you say it is much further away from the light right now just because of size



Thanks. Yep, after I posted I realized that I had seen smaller plants with older ones in some grows. I will put it in its 3 gallon grow bag tomorrow and bury it a little deeper than normal. I germinated it in a rapid rooter so it should be fine. I suppose I should wait for some “real” leaves to appear before taking it outside. A hardening off approach sounds like a good idea too. Your grow looks great!

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If you are in a legal state and able to, id toss one outside. Nothing like sun grown buds.