Outside marijuana Grow (Georgia)

Hello I’m asking for advice or help or just Any criticism negative or positive on my Grow for this year these were the survivors from the 62 total plants lol they were started with bag seeds but I rolled with it!

I’m a noob grower :seedling: so please fire away with the questions !! Also if you can tell me if there of the sativa or indica nature can you please let me know? :zipper_mouth_face:


Hey welcome to Ilgm, congratulations on finding the best grow forum ever.
Always pleased to see another Georgia grower here whether it be indoor or outdoor.
Anyways keep em green


62! Dang, that’s a cannabis forest!

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Yes I Will considering this he my 1st official Grow and I assume that your a fellow Georgia grower ?

But they all died!!! Waaaaaah! :sob::sob::sob::sob::sneezing_face::mask:

Yes sir, we’ll almost.
I’m a Lil over a month in on my 1st run.
Sour diesel fems.
My journal is, Do I love it let’s find out.
Stop by and have a gander

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Hey that just means only the best made it through. Gonna be some killer😎

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It’s may and your just now a month in growing???

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Inside sir
OR mam

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Ok :ok_hand:t3: :joy: I’m the outside guy lol we’re constantly over looked :eyes:

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Uhhh ma’am? Ima dude broskii

Never know brotatochip
Stored for future reference


Uhhhh … lol so what’s your set up like??

3x3 tent inside my shed in back yard
3x300w marshydro (only 1 at the moment)
Use the search tool for
Do I love it let’s find out

Oops. So sorry :frowning: