Outside light pollution

Lets face it when your grow light shuts off for the day and your plant is flowering, outside light pollution can really stunt your plants and cause them to hermaphrodite. I found in my experience with growing indoors is that when your light shuts off for the day you should NOT turn it back on or open your grow room at all. The key to flowering a marijuana plant is not the kind of light it’s getting but the light cycle. You can flower marijuana under any light but that total darkness it receives is what is important to ensure a good transition into flower and keeping it dark when its supposed to be is a great way to ensure a great product. I see a lot of pictures being taken when the grow lights are off, keep it dark when it’s supposed to be dark.

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I think the pictures you are seeing with the lights off are intentional, just for taking the photos, and then turned back on again. Photos taken under grow lights (mainly LEDS) look like crap. Shutting the grow lights off for photos is encouraged here.


I didn’t think of that and will keep it in mind for future photos I take. Thanks!
But here’s my ILGM strawberry kush indoor under viparspectra 450w just for the sake of good pics under LEDs

Yes its a good photo, but its hard to see the colors of the growth under the LEDS. In more natural light or with a flash on the camera turned on with the LEDS off, it allows us to see the condition of your plant.


Exactly @Rugar89

When someone is asking for help, it is impossible to diagnose their issues with LED light. @PotBuds14

Natural or white light pics make a tremendous difference!

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When taking pictures during your dark cycle , just take them 5 min before lights on or 5 min after light’s off… no harm no foul… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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