Outside in the bayou


I am going to grow a few pants in the ground outside this year. I have access to a wooded wetland that has black soil full of life. I have two issues one the plant will be shaded all day and 2 how to reliably test soil ph?


Water in the bayou can be acidic and area close to it can flood. I have property just like it. Bugs will be a problem also as everything lives in the bayou. I have been thinking of a gorilla grow also. It’s hard to find a spot with sun but doesn’t have crop dusters flying over all the time. Photo plants will run till after deer season begins so you also gotta worry about hunters. Private land or not.


I should have been more specific. It is my yard and I haven’t seen a deer or deer track on it in 10 years. Bugs are very bad or at least they were on my regular garden back in the day. I’m thinking the difference is I will never have more than 2 plants outside at a time so they can get my full attention. My issue is to keep the ladies hidden they will be in the shade most of the day.


They will need some direct sun light. I have seen others attach fake flowers to their plants to hide them in plain sight.


Back wall of my house faces south and gets a lot of sun. I may develop a real nice flower bed there where I can hide some weeds in plain sight. Good call.


In the back corner of my lot I was also thinking if cutting a trail in and opening up a 20 x 20 area in the trees.


You may want a shorter strain. Kinda hard to hide a 12 foot plant. Lll


Making me nervous lol.


Look into topping and low stress training. You can control the height pretty good and get a lot of good buds that way


I’ll probably try running autos as well.


I live in florida ( all sand here ) so I grew in 5 gal pail last year I dug a hole in ground and put pail in hole it makes the plant less obvious that way, the pail doesn’t draw attention to the plant and you can still pull the pail and plant out of ground to test run off or just move if necessary


Im in south Mississippi and my area is a wooded wetland that is also 80% sand and loam. Black gold type dirt. Hudmity and all the damn bugs will be my battle.


I’m lucky the little chameleons love to hangout around my plants and they eat everything that moves. I was having a little problem with gnats until the chameleons found the plants


Yeah I’ve got lizzards and frogs everywhere too.


Tarantulas are good bug eaters to. I have 1 that lives outside my front door in an old split railroad tie. He and the Toads chow down on bugs at night when the lights come on. I Live in Texas.


Hello fellow Texan. I don’t have any tarantulas though, lol…at least I hope not.