Outside Grow In Florida - First Time

I am going to try an outdoor grow for the first time. Florida has daytime temps if 85 to 90 degrees and 70 to 75 at night.

My question is…once the plant begins to flower and it is ready for 12/12, can I place them in a dark garage at night then move back to the outside during the day?


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you might want to consider auto flowers for a fall/winter grow since they sont depend on light
If anything you most likely need to supplement light for veg since we are moving in on the fall season and day light hours are less and less each day

You need minimum of 16 hours of day light to keep a photo plant from flowering
Once they start to flower you wouldnt need to move back and forth

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Thanks, Countryboy.

Regardless of season, Florida does not have 16 hours of daylight.

I just purchased Northern Lights seeds. I should have purchased auto-flower.

So do you think 12 out and 12 in would work?


16 hours direct sun or full sun the angle of the sun is much weaker in the winter regardless of the fact your in fla brother
Let me tag in a member thats from your way Maybe he can shed more light on tjis subject for you
Yes it would if your willing to do the work
@FloridaSon can you add anything for our new friend

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You will need to candle stick the plants to keep them in veg in your garage at night and outside during the day… look up candle sticking your plants…
You just need to be able to flash the plants with a bunch of good light for an hour or 2 during the dark cycle… in other words , your plants cant have 12 hours of un interrupted light without going into flower… :wink:

This also works with a bad a$$ flashlight when growing a bunch of trees in the emerald triangle… lol :grin:



Thanks for the tag, Brother!

You could, as long as it is pitch black in there. I know, it’s not that dark outside. There is a difference in artificial lighting that causes light stress. That’s the general consensus anyway.

A better way would be to cover them at night with a black garbage can that is large enough to allow enough space that the plant doesn’t touch the sides.

Now, why would you move something in and out when we are already beginning to flower outside?

If you don’t have a space to veg them inside you will have to provide additional lighting to start anything but autos. As it stands now, outside it will grow until it reaches sexual maturity and then bud out. I doubt you could pull a 1/4oz per plant.

A spotlight on them could provide the additional light needed to keep her in veg, but I’m not sure how it would affect the plant in growth.

All my photoperiod seeds are stored until February. Most hard freezes are finished here by mid to late month. I’m located in Marion county.

@Budbrother @Rick3 @Stoneythetiger420 @S.FloridaSwampman are also from Florida. I know there are a few more now, but I can’t recall the names right now.

I hope some of what I’ve said is helpful. Tag me if you need my attention. I’m not here a lot so I always check tags first. @FloridaSon like CountryBoy did and I’ll see it when I return.

BTW…welcome to our passion!

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It sounded like he only had 12 hours of sunlight… so that will work in flower but not in veg… hence (candlesticking) … it’s a way to keep photo period plants in veg for longer… it’s not completely fool proof when dealing with a 1000 plants , but works really well for a couple of plants in your back yard , once there to big to move or in the ground permanently… :wink:
You must also remember that at some point a frost will move through and can kill plants instantly… a fine line to walk for all your hard work … late in the season is tricky when your outdoors… :wink:


I believe he just received his beans which are photos ans he wanted to start them now guys
Thanks for helping our new friend out
@peachfuzz @FloridaSon


Thanks for all the information. Obviously, this is going to be a real learning experience.

My first mistake was not purchasing auto-flowering seeds.

I checked with Amazon and the price of a tent, lights, etc are not as expensive as I had thought. So I will order one and set it up in the garage. Then give them 18 hours of light with 4 off.

Or just 24 hours straight?

The garage is somewhat small and real dark. Just a couple of small slivers of light that I can patch easily enough.

How does that sound?

Thanks, again.


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If you’re going to grow in the tent there is no need to mess with light proofing the garage. Just make sure to turn on a light in the garage and stand inside the tent to check for light leaks in the tent. Rare, but can happen.

When I get another light to try inside this winter, I will be on a 16/8 schedule. Roots build at night. Bigger roots-bigger fruit. Plus it will save on electric.

Welcome @Summer I Tagged you in my Grow journal,
Dam near what could go wrong Is In there If you got time to Read
@Budbrother is just a Wealth of info for Florida Grower’s, Or Really just Growing anything from Mother Nature, He came to my house to Help me with My Grow, and He went to all kinds of plants and told Us what was going wrong, Cloning,Starting All Plants around the outside and Wife’s inside Plants (Telling you She Kill’s Plastic flowers)
I’ll be Planting More Auto’s for winter Got 2 Amnesia Haze started for Tent and gonna Try Starting 1 a Month for awhile
1 Thing I Can Tell you(Which I Screwed up On) Writing dates Down,Start,light’s ,Hours,Flowering ETC


I started gold leaf and it broke ground on7/8 and started to show signs of flowering 8/23 grown outside in central Florida it caught me off guard this is my first grow I’m letting her go I’m not prepared to try to stop her flowering . I also have a older Crystal and they are both in flower on their own can’t wait for first harvest in about 4-6 weeks or whenever they say

The hours of light a day is what controls that part. That is, unless you grow autos. It’s auto planting time in Florida!
If ya got ‘em start poppin’ ‘em now.