Outside autos 9 weeks in veg

Gorilla glue autos planted week of 420. Not a ideal location as they don’t get Direct morning sun to 11. Would like to bring this one in but it’s 5 foot and hasn’t started flower. Don’t think I will have room even if I went 12/12. Both others are 4.5 foot and supercroped early by birds. I have discovered I hate outside grows. To many things out to kill them.



Guessing they will start flowering before too long.

Where did you get your seeds? Because the auto I have in flower now started flowering around 7 weeks and I’ve never seen an auto that tall.

From ilgm. Sometimes you get one. I’ve grown a lot of autos these are the tallest and oldest. Just part of autos

If you look in the background you can see this one that supercroped early then really stretched when it recovered.

Well she still don’t want to venture in to motherhood so I tilted the pot 45 degrees and tied the 2 tops down. Now it’s gonna turn in to a bush.

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That’s crazy! Should be a good producer when she finally flowers though.

She just started flower finally. Got a little wpa I gotta treat but it’s all good.

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