Outgrowing the tent. Ridunculous

What’s a man to do, the tent is 8’ tall, my light is as high as I can get it. I’m in RDWC.


Could always try bending the branches down as far as you can every couple days keep pulling her down till you get her we’re you want her

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I think it’s called super cropping

Flipping flower too late for the tent dimensions often cause use to rethink the when and how to branch training

Your gonna have to supercrop 90° 3/4 of the down.


As mentioned gently pull and tie limbs down. space between nodes What height have you been running light above canopy top. Nice big plant good luck. :+1:

These are all autos, and no room to bend.

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In the beginning I was at about 30” now it’s at the light


Reconfigure how you have your lights mounted.

You’re like this right now - excuse the 1st grader art.

Remove the wire or extra carabiners and attach the ratchet straps directly to the light. Throw one strap over the tent pole and clip it to the other side of the light, then rinse and repeat.

Hope that makes sense. You’ll gain 6-8” easy.


That makes perfect sense, but I’m already there, I did that quite some time ago, going over top I may pick up about another inch maybe two at best.

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Likely worth doing - every little bit now will help avoid foxtailing and heat stress. She’s gonna stretch up into your lights anyway, I reckon.

How about I turn down the intensity of the sun lol. As if fall was approaching?

Only thing this is going to do is decrease harvest weight. You have buttons so vertical growth is about finished. Tie them off to sides in effort to pull branches down some and let them eat.

In the future flip these sooner or use a trellis to train horizontally in order to keep them short. More light intensity may help with vertical growth too.


First hydro grow and all autos.

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Letting everyone know.

Thanks for all the good advice


It is a learning curve with a light. 30" added to the Stretch an node spacing. Pull those limbs down an tie is your best bet. Good luck my friend !

I’m sure you ran on long light schedule too? There’s your problem.

You right, I’m still learning, only a year into growing. And first RDWC


18-6 for autos

:+1:t5: keeping the same intensity and moved the light up a little bit more.

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