Outdoors, too much rain

We got a record amount of rain here in MA. A couple of my girls are underwater. Tried to drain the water, but still pretty wet. Nothing else I can do. Do you think she is going to make it? Looking droopy now. More rain is coming.

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Maybe you can cover that area with some clear tarp and some stakes, might help keep the area dry. Man that’s a lot of water. Behind the plant in the picture, dose that drop down? If so dig a trench so the water can drain away from the plant.

So in this picture the trench would be the arrow, dig from where the waters sitting right to the edge, that water needs to flow somewhere. If you have to dig more than one.


I agree dig a trench kindof then try to make a slope so water goes away from it. Thats going to drown it


Thanks, man, will be working on it.

Add to your notes for the next grow not to plant in a hole.

That’s a whole lot of water…


@Alenka I agree with @Dieselgrow1031, punch a whole in that bank and get the water to drain. It’s unfortunate but the rain has been relentless here in south eastern ontario as well. nice today but the long range looks shitty with more rain and cooler temps. what the hell is up with this weather!
I grow in 15 gallon fabric pots so I can move them around and manage a little easier. unless you can find a site that high (er) and dry, I’d consider fabric pots next time.

Right. Most of my girls are in good locations. I was trying out a new spot this year. Usually it’s not wet there at all, but this year sucks.

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I was able to drain most water, but it’s still slushy. Hoping for no more rain.
We have crap weather here too, for a while. Cold nights, like upper 50s to lower 60s. Last year my plants were twice as big this time. This summer sucks.