Outdoors in NW FL

Looking for best methods,practice for outdoor(guerilla) grow advice for NW FL
Done well back home in NH but outdoors here is a whole different level.
Best time to plant? Rain and humidity issues? All advice is welcome. Thanks,peace.

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@Tenga I believe is a Florida grower lol. She don’t come here much anymore but I’m sure she will get the notification and come running lol.

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Central Florida for me, just looking into an outdoor grow for the first time (had an indoor grow 25 years ago in Arizona). I’m wondering the same. I think maybe the auto flower varieties and starting them in February to be done before it gets really, extra, super hot and humid?

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Ok,I will try to help on this one. I was stationed at Ft Walton Beach at one point in my life. Lived off Miracle strip Pkwy near the beach. It got colder than you think. I remember Army Rangers training dead from cold temperatures at night. But it also got hot in the spring. Yes humidity is a factor-maybe not as bad as Houston - but formidable. I would plant in containers raised off the ground-pallets or something similar. The rain is a factor. Flooding is a problem. It rained year round from what I recall. And good,hard downpour. Not sissy misting like some rainforest. :rofl: I’m so baked I have no idea what I meant. Critters-well don’t underestimate them. I spent time at the Army 6th outside Eglin and saw firsthand the snakes,gators,etc.

People laugh when I told them I had a crush on a girl from Niceville.
Panama city in the summer…lordy.
I spent way too much time in Crestview.
But riding my motorcycle alongside the white sand beach-niiiiiiice :+1:

SL out.