Outdoors in NW FL

Looking for best methods,practice for outdoor(guerilla) grow advice for NW FL
Done well back home in NH but outdoors here is a whole different level.
Best time to plant? Rain and humidity issues? All advice is welcome. Thanks,peace.


@Tenga I believe is a Florida grower lol. She don’t come here much anymore but I’m sure she will get the notification and come running lol.


Central Florida for me, just looking into an outdoor grow for the first time (had an indoor grow 25 years ago in Arizona). I’m wondering the same. I think maybe the auto flower varieties and starting them in February to be done before it gets really, extra, super hot and humid?


Ok,I will try to help on this one. I was stationed at Ft Walton Beach at one point in my life. Lived off Miracle strip Pkwy near the beach. It got colder than you think. I remember Army Rangers training dead from cold temperatures at night. But it also got hot in the spring. Yes humidity is a factor-maybe not as bad as Houston - but formidable. I would plant in containers raised off the ground-pallets or something similar. The rain is a factor. Flooding is a problem. It rained year round from what I recall. And good,hard downpour. Not sissy misting like some rainforest. :rofl: I’m so baked I have no idea what I meant. Critters-well don’t underestimate them. I spent time at the Army 6th outside Eglin and saw firsthand the snakes,gators,etc.

People laugh when I told them I had a crush on a girl from Niceville.
Panama city in the summer…lordy.
I spent way too much time in Crestview.
But riding my motorcycle alongside the white sand beach-niiiiiiice :+1:

SL out.

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Hi Mahky! Ty for the tag, @Mark0427!

I am in zone 9b, sub-tropics, almost zone 10. I do the veg cycle in doors, and flower outside, year-round. It’s on my property, not guerrilla. You are up in the panhandle, so ur cold weather, # of freezing nights, will be a lil worse. And u have more of a chance to see snow stick. So my grow environment is diff than yours, so pls take that into consideration.

I’ve never had a guerilla grow, and idk who on this forum has. @kaptain3d MC?? Do u know anyone to tag?

Ok, just in general, bugs and too much water in the rainy season will be ur biggest challenges, besides being discovered. If it were me, I would spray the plants weekly as a preventative. In veg, I would rotate things like Neem oil, insecticidal soap, Dr. Zymes, Azamax, Spinosad, etc. And also top dress to fight off pests, diatomaceous earth, insect frass, mosquito bits, and neem-karinja. Also, make sure u give them silica to toughen up the stems and leaves. (more resistant to bugs chewing.)

Oh, u might have a deer problem too?? Idk how to avoid that. Wire cages will make the plant noticeable, obviously!

Even tho heavy rain and high humidity are concerns, I think u probably need to make best use of that time of year ( June to November) because if it’s too dry, idk how u can hike in enuf water! Probably do not mulch, or it gets moldy.

I hope this helps. Good luck with ur grow and. . . . WTF!! (welcome to Florida, haha)


Maybe guys like @oldguygettingbackin @Oldguy @mote??


@kaptain3d Fraid I’m no good on Florida weather for planting times brother.


I thought you may have had advice for the guerrilla side… :thinking:

It’s all good Pappy :+1:


Best time to plant seeds directly in the ground is May 20 in Northern Florida. Try White Widiow,Northern lights or Skittlez

when should I fertilize seedlings once they sprout. I am in south Florida