Outdooring's Strange question saga

So another strange question for you knowledgeable people brought to you by my humbleness…

It has to do with clones, and how I’m going to distribute them. I was wondering… As every one talks about light hours 12h minimum…

Is it really the light cycle that defines flowering, or is it the dark cycle???

What I’m trying to get at is… Could i keep a plant 24h or even 48h in dark and then give her the 13h light, and will she be happy or at least not go into flower???

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After a 24-48 hr dark cycle then switched to 13 hrs light your plant will be almost guaranteed to switch to flower. Some will even start to switch at 14 hrs of light depending on strain.

If you want to keep them in veg then you should keep them above 14 hrs of light / day.



Ok… To be clear… if i keep them over 14h of light it doesn’t matter how long the night lasts?

Why would you want to keep them in a longer dark period than required ?
What is the purpose of this :point_up::point_up::point_up:?

Afraid I’m still not getting your reasoning for wanting a longer night cycle if you’re trying to keep them in veg.

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Ok… let’s assume i would have to send some clones by mail…

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Aahhhh . Gotcha now.:wink:.
I’ve seen where folks have sent them thru the mail. It’s very doable.
Just never done it myself tho.
There are special clone shippers available too if you wanted to pursue that route.

Edit. Just found this with a quick search.

Might be a suggestion for your situation.

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You guys get payd for every amazon link you pull up?

What’s the max dark time they can handle?

Uh, no.

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72 hours before they really freak out or die, and that’s for plants in vegetative growth.

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