Outdoor wont flower

I have 15 beautiful healthy 6 foot plants they are gorgeous. This is July 17 in the Midwest of the United States they have not started to flower. Do I have to wait until the weather cools down?

Cannabis flowers when the dark period becomes long enough. In the northern hemisphere, this means closer to the fall/winter months of September or later, not mid summer. Temperature has little to do with it. You need about 10 hours or more of good solid darkness per day to have your plants flower naturally. This is why indoor growers usually use about 16-18 hours, or more, of light for vegetative growth – and 12 hours of light, or less, for the flowering cycle, per 24 hour period.

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You have to wait for the plants to determine it is Autumn. Every day gets shorter until late December. You just have to wait. This is one issue with growing outdoors, that cannot be manipulated, without construction of a shade barrier. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response I was just concerned. These plants are all enormous I’ve only grown indoors again thank you.

Reading this topic with interest, as my plants are already 6 ft tall growing in pots outdoors. I’m thinking of experimenting with one of them by bringing it inside each night and putting it on a 12-hour dark cycle. The fall equinox isn’t until the 3rd week in September … that’s a long ways off.

Is it okay to put the plant in a dark closet at night for 12 hours then put it back outside for sunlight? If I do this, how long does it take until you can harvest?


Yes, this will certainly help them finish faster.

You have to wait for the sun . As the days get shorter your ladies will flower.


I am so freakin’ impatient! I would like to experiment with one of my plants and bring it inside to a dark closet 12 hours a day and see what happens. Except I have a little security issue, as my mom is coming to visit and will be staying in the room with the dark closet! Since the laws suck so bad here in VA I’m really hung up on my privacy.

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So MT your not sure if they were male or female seeds you were growing. If you were to start to flower one, would keep it in flower or revert it back to vegging?
How long is she staying if not to long maybe after she leaves.
Here in Tenn the laws are bad also.
Hang in there MT1…lol


Hi Garrigan … the plants are all female. The part that’s confusing is I mixed up the two types of seeds I ordered. I don’t know which plants are White Widows and which are Super Silver Haze.

OMG … we just had a huge storm blow through. It knocked over 3 of my plants. Geez … I ran out as soon as I could to check on them. Thank goodness nothing was broken!

Sounds like you just got the storm we just got. It was the worst storm we have had all summer.
Well look at it this way…look how surprised you will be later on…lol
You’ll make it MT1


I think it probably was the same storm!

FYI. It has nothing to do with the Fall equinox. It has to do with days getting shorter, and that starts in late June.

If you bring them inside; They are going to stink up the whole house. Better start burning incense, like the old days, when Mom comes to visit. LOL

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My mom is cool. She wouldn’t care I’m growing but I think the smell might be too much for her! Yikes!`