Outdoor wilt, is it fungus?

I’m really worried its Fusarium wilt or Verticillium wilt, and from what I can gather this is a death sentence for my garden and any future use of the contaminated soil. I use grow bags and check all PH in and out and do not over/under water. 10th year in this garden, has it just gotten sick? Every morning the wilt kills a branch or two working its way up from the bottom. I dug down on my sickest plant and it was not water logged and no pockets of dry or soggy soil and the roots were white, healthy and snappy. Thoughts? Besides abandon all hope.

Have any pictures?

No, sorry. Plant looks green healthy except a single branch or two working its way up from the bottom that have shrunk into itself with no browning, it looks like it would if it hadn’t been watered? really freakin out, every day it effects another branch. I am running a super clean garden NOW, cleaning tools between plants and pruning any sick looking branches, but I will have nothing by harvest i’m afraid. thanks for sharing any advise or experience.


First let me welcome you to ILGM. There are awesome people in here who will be helping you out and we will fix you up. And check out the other categories lots of info there.
@RonAz420, I agree with him 100% we need a good clear pic. Not anything we can do at this point.
You can copy and paste the Support Ticket

This can help us out Thanks



thanks for the welcome, I will work on pics I understand, I gotta buy a digital camera cord to upload. thanks again, great discussions to learn from on here.

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