Outdoor white widow auto

Just wondering if anybody could give me a ballpark figure on the time it takes from when the budding starts to when its ready, would like to know so ill know when to just feed water for flush

About 12 weeks, but every plant is different… could be 10 weeks, could be 14 weeks. Rather than going by number of weeks, check the trichomes and pistils.

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As @GrowManFitz stated 12 weeks is a good average. I would start monitoring the trichomes after week 8 just to get an idea. When you see 3/4 of them turn cloudy you could start to flush.

The site says 55 days average, but mother nature has the final say…

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Thanks, i had no idea on the time, so on the water, would you say that just as the trichomes are starting to cloud up would be a good timeto start just water

@bodean As @Jmesser80 said, when 3/4 of the trichomes have have clouded, then you can start to flush. Keep in mind trichomes you care about are the ones on the buds themselves, not the leaves… and you’re looking at the ones with the mushroom tops, not the ones without mushroom tops. Once all the trichomes are cloudy and about 20% of them have turned amber, then you can harvest. You can actually harvest before any of the trichomes have turned amber… you just won’t have the anti anxiety benefits of the CBN.


Sorry for late reply, i appreciate the info. and the trichome pic.