Outdoor White Widow Auto- first time grow

Nodes are where the leaf stem meets the main stem/stalk. Internodes are the length of stem between nodes.

Don’t worry about asking basic questions. Everyone here wants to help, regardless of your level of experience.


The answer is “maybe.” Indoors you can provide a fairly optimal environment, with enough diligence and money. The biggest plants are usually a combination of indoor and outdoor growing. Many outdoor growers will propagate plants and veg them indoors under moderate light so they’re well-established once they move them into a greenhouse or prepared plot.

I wouldn’t compare your grow to other members. It’s good to compare your work to your own though. If you can make a habit of keeping a journal, noting progress, setbacks, harvest weights, and subjective quality of the flower, you can enjoy improvement over years.


Nice keep em growing u mind if I fallow

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Autoflowers tend to grow more quickly than photos, so I wouldn’t stress. The plants will grow at whatever pace they want to.
As for transplanting, you can wait, as people have mentioned, but I usually get my seedlings planted into bigger pots when they are about the size yours are, but I may just be impatient haha

Haha! I am too! I’m thinking I should wait until they have stronger roots…

Like I said the cloth bags will arrive June 10th maybe then…

They’ll definitely be ready for transplant by then. I use the same black Bonnie plastic pots you have and I leave my seedlings in them for no longer than like 2 weeks.

Do you have recent pics of them? How much have they grown in the last 4 days?

image image image

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Didn’t even notice the huge grasshopper on the bottom cup of one of them. Almost dropped the poor thing. He won’t hurt my plants will he? :face_with_monocle::grimacing: hes not in the photo.

U said grasshopper thay will eat the hill out of ur plat get rid of it

Oh snap ok! I am going to cover them all I’m with a big Tupperware To keep him out and hopefully that will work in place of a “dome”? Is this ingeniously resourceful or wishful thinking? :joy:

Grasshoppers aren’t beneficial in any way (unless you eat them), and they’re really destructive. Kill them if you see them. There are always more.

So I think there’s little brown or white spots. Do you see them? My vision is kinda blurry due to pregnancy hormones :roll_eyes:haha. It’s a thing apparently :expressionless: anywho…I lost a plant! Idk why it just shriveled up and died outa the blue it was fine one day and the next morning it was shriveled. I’m so sad. So there’s two left and they’re looking strong. But I thinkkkk I see spots?! I have photos. Let me know what you think. :thinking: the first two pics are one plant, second are the other.
image image image image Your opinion is valued as always.


Are you checking the underside of the leaves?

The photos are just a wee bit out of focus, but it sounds like it might be hard to pre-focus if you can’t see 100%

Ok I’ll take new ones sorry. Yeah I having a bit of trouble lol I’ll check the underside.

The undersides are clear no spots I just checked n watered them


Nice keep an eye :eye: on her she like a baby

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image image
Sooo the bottom two leaves are turning yellow on the first one. What do I do about this?