Outdoor vs indoor

so im barely getting my grow going after getting my medical card and its slow especially since im pretty broke…anyhow. i got a viparspectra dimable 1000 watt led . this being my first grow and them being autoflower should i grow outdoors while summers still here or should i do indoor under 20 hrs light and if indoor how many can i grow under that light ? ill be using coco . perlite and 444 . also lst?

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The light is entry level at best, you should consider an hlg light if you want to grow some serious bud. As for the indoor/ outdoor argument, I would suggest you pick one and stick to it. Dont bring outdoor inside and indoor outside, its just asking for trouble.
What grows outside… stays outside. Autos are typically not huge plants so you arent going to grow trees out of them anyways. Outdoors is generally advantages for growing large photos. Not that autos arent a thing outdoors, just not gonna get near the volume.


Most resourceful choice would be outside…the sun is free and lots of growers here who only grow outdoors can testify that it gives beautiful harvests. If you are able to grow outdoors I would suggest that over using the light you have


The other thing Id like to suggest is have a target for the volume of cannabis you require each year and add say 25 percent to that to adjust for potential issues. Buy your gear according to your required scale. When it comes to lighting, that cannot be skimped on.


indoor / outdoor


Outdoor lighting is free, but if your available outdoor lighting is currently decreasing, I wouldn’t expect the plants to grow large.

Autos can take 90-120 days to mature from seed. I’m in New England and I know I’ve got 60 days at best before it gets too cold for cannabis to grow.


Is there a “budget” or base led you would recommend to start with? I’m allowed 6 flowering plants at a time but would be happy just doing 2 or 3 . I just dont want Larfy stringt buds…and my low budget isnt by choice I’m passing on meds right now to.put that money into a grow .

I looked at the light on Vipar’s site. It is a 230 watts light for 2.5x2.5’ flower area . This appears reasonable. 230 watts divided by flower area square feet of 6.25 equals just under 37 watts per sq ft. It is on the low end but adequate to produce decent, but not great, buds.
Geographically is it possible to grow outside given fall is not that far off and its reduced light intensity.
If indoors, what is the set up, if anything? tent, open floor space, is odor control an issue?
To answer your question, given the flower footprint, you can grow 1 autoflower in either a 3 or 5 gallon container (I strongly recommend fabric rather than hard body pots). The efficacy of the light will be maximized if your grow space has reflective walls. Also recommend indica dominant strains.
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Indoor lights, best bang for your buck is a MH/HPS set up at 600w, 150.00 bucks and your set. Yes, it’s not HLG, or led, but it budget friendly and it will produce some serious buds. @Zee if you got any questions.


The only issue most people have with lighting is money, lighting can be had cheap in HiD such as High pressure sodium and metal halide, the issue then becomes dealing with heat and replacing bulbs every year. A decent HLG light will cost you more up front but you will get the best performance by far. Way easier to control the environment with LED. Either way, I would steer totally clear of bluple lights. Unfortunately, if folks add up the cost of a blurple and a set if HID you have now spent what a decent LED would have cost. Welcome to the Amazon light scam! I think there is actually abthread on this site about blurple


odor control isnt a problem. im in grow zone 7 for refrence as far as outdoor. not sure i would or would not have time for an auto outdoor. last year we didnt get low temps til almost end of nov . this year has been much milder tho. my indoor set up so far i walled off a area inside a room ( for legal reasons it must rem,ain locked and only accessable to myslef) i did order reflective material total space is approx 3x 5 but i can manipulate that to enclose a smaller area if need be . also ill be using coco with perlite and 444 etc etc a bloom booster for approximatle 1 month in or when signs of flowering start

You can find sunrise sunset hours for your location at Sunrise and Sunset Calculator
Middle of banner Sun & Moon has drop down and enter city info. Lots of cool stuff in this drop down.
I would get a couple seeds started. After they get a good start indoors, start taking them outside and take advantage of good sun and good weather. Later, if they would do better under the light, bring them in.
Hope things work out so you can get the meds you need.

@Foeshamer. Sounds like your from Missouri. :grin:. If so…this fellow Missourian says welcome to the forum. As I read your post about 6 flowering plants, and the locked secure grow area…sure sounds like the laws Missouri just passed. Lol. …Finally!!! :partying_face:. Best of luck with your setup. I’ll help out with any info I can throw your way. But I’m definitely no pro. But luckily for us all…there are some very educated growers on this forum, and most of all very friendly, willing to help out fellow growers I’m about 9 weeks into my first legal grow. So I’m still learning as well…but I know guys been growing for 20 years and they say they still learn new stuff. A lot of information here, good luck with the grow and keep me in the loop. :+1:

how bad are they on the power bill?

yeah semo:)

You probably have time for autoflowers, especially if you have someplace to put them to keep them warm when necessary. Just need to show flexibility.

Can’t wait for you to “show me” the buds :exploding_head::+1:

Extra 20 a month

iPower 600 Watt HPS MH Digital Dimmable Grow Light System Kits Wing Reflector Set with Timer… so then this would be best for now? and what type of footprint for flowering would that give me ?

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This would work. I got the vivosun. You will want an air cooled hood, they run hot.


My results so far, week 5 of flowering, on my first grow.