Outdoor vegging

So, I plan on using my room that was built for autos, to flower. At least until I can get the beans I had planned. I figured I can raise them strong enough to use as mothers, cut clones, move them outside and do a perpetual garden indoors. By taking clones outside just before fall and letting them flower naturally for a nice fall harvest. (like a bonus!) Question is, will there be any negative outcome from vegging outdoors in the intense Florida sun, (morning of course) then moving them indoors to 1800 watts of led? Doing this I would be leaving the room to stay at 12/12. Saving power, and the indoor part of the grow would be ruffly the same time as growing autos from seed.

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First off, Welcome to the forum! Your going to like it around here.
If your going to put them outside to veg then put them out side to veg. ease them in to full sun and let them do their thing. I think you’ll be wasting time going in and out all summer/fall. Yes it gets hot down there but they will take it like champs. Maybe @FloridaSon can help you out.


Thanks for the tag, Brother!

@Stoneythetiger420 welcome to the forum. It’s good to find more and more Flo-grows here! @Budbrother, @S.FloridaSwampman and @Rick3 are also from here as well as a few others that can help with our climate.

I understand you wanting to conserve energy, but your plan is the opposite of mine. I plan to keep a mother indoor so I can keep her growing for several years.

My plan was to keep the lights on for 14hrs a day for a perpetual veg. The clones would go outside to flower in the Fall.

We can get some good lights for inside, but nothing we have can match the Sun. You want the most intense light during flower, which is why my plan is 180 from your plan.

Putting them outside first can also lead to you bringing pests or plant disease inside when moving them. My plan has it’s downfalls too. I will have to gradually harden mine to going outside to more intense light.

Plans should always leave room for adjustments where needed. Perhaps others would prefer your plan over mine. I have to change mine often, it seems…

I’ll be interested in seeing your results. Please feel free to tag me when you need me. My service sucks out here in the woods, so sometimes it will be a slow response. I tried to respond last night, but my phone died while trying to search for a stronger signal.

Patience is my mantra…


@FloridaSon Thanks for the tag
@Stoneythetiger420 Welcome
This weather is New to me So Still learning there, What I’m trying is to grow Auto’s inside my small tent, I Don’t really have the space for outdoor grow on My Property, with that being said, LOL, There’s an empty lot next to me,
I Have 4 white widow,1 LSD, 2 Gold Leaf over there, I’m Very limited on space there,So Not getting the Best of Light there, and the daily rain is kicking my Butt, I have to use 2- 6’ step ladder’s to get there, Had 1 turn Male on me,
I also Have 2 clones of WW, New to That too
Right now I Have a California kush going For a “Contest” with no money or anything involved, Just some thing to do, Have No Idea where that 1’s going?
I Have a Little Grow box that has the clones in, I use Solar panels for that during the day and Half the night, 18/6

IDK Might have to get a Bigger Pool for us all
where in FL are you?


Well, here’s the thing… My plan is to keep harvests rolling until I can order my autos. I smoke too much. Lol. (if there is such a thing) I figure it’ll keep my electric down. I was planning on drenching the clones in neem oil before bringing them in. I had a gg4 that started indoors then, because of authorities, she had to go outside. And naturally mother nature brought her to flower. I was then able to bring her back in to complete the flower and it was great. I only plan on doing a few clones indoors, mainly because I enjoy the grow. I’m in central Florida.

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I’m in the northwestern corner of the Ocala National Forest by the river…

Welcome to the place of unconditional help, for those who want to succeed in their grow. FloridaSon and other Floridians nailed it in many ways. You take a risk any way you go. I do autos outside, and set them off by light. If your lot next door where you are growing is close enough to your residence, then install a security light pointing torwards your plants. The light will hold back the budding when daylight starts to diminish in the fall. I forgot what part of the state you are logistically located, but that is another factor mentioned previously that is important. In addition, moving plants in and put of house can bring a NIGHTMARE of Biblical Proportions. Infestation with spidermites can dissolve a relationship, future grows. Keep a meen eye everytime you go in / out, yet sometimes you don’t see the one little S#%T. That can turn things bad really quick. Don’t let my pessimism discourage you because you are understanding that we do whatever it takes to make it happen in Florida where we are constantly under siege by a storm, bugs, heat, rain, ect. Good luck


Floridason, we’re not too far apart. And swampman, I don’t discourage easily. If anything it opens a new set of challenges. I’m highly aware for insects. I do plan on ordering some praying mantis eggs to eat up whatever I miss. (besides them being a friendly predator, I think they would allow some bad ass photos)

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Hey there and welcome to the forum. Yeah I found out the hard way not to bring plants in and out of my tent. An infestation of spider mite during flowering was solved with an order of 100 ladybugs from Amazon.

  • At least you can grow outside year around here. The temperatures from Oct-March are perfect for autos. Well, maybe not in N. FL, might have to cover them at night in Jan.

Yeah… That’s my only default in my plan. You don’t think a healthy dosing of neem oil would prevent bugs?

Sorry took so long @Stoneythetiger420.

Neem will help until flowering. I’m gonna try some neem seed meal as a top dressing on my next gorilla grow. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens during flowering. I don’t have to deal with the bugs as much. Like I said, I grow autos here outside starting in Fall. When I get to that point and am in flowering I’ll update you, or you can give it a try now.

@Budbrother ive decided to stay indoors. At least until ive tied up all the loose ends. Ill have to tag you guys in my new journal. But i do appreciate all the advice from all of you. Thank you.

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