Outdoor trio about 3 weeks into flower

This year I’m growing blueberry, grandaddy purp, and bubble gum. All ILGM seeds. In an attempt to keep yield under control, I waited until July to germinate and plant. Near the end of July, I was worried my plants were going to be meager, but August proved me very wrong. This was effectively 6 weeks of veg and I’m about 3 weeks into flower.

No nutrients, only well amended garden soil with compost mulching once when flowering started.

Double photo is blueberry on left, GDP on right. Single photo is bubblegum.


I have no :heart: so you have to settle for these :green_heart::green_heart: lol … those are some beautiful ladies, pretty work :muscle::+1:

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Nice looking plants I have a GDP photo growing inside my first photo.

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Great job!! Keep posting, especially that GDP. I’d like to grow that strain next season. Are they ilgm seeds? And what’s your climate like? If you don’t mind? I’m an outdoor grower also

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Never mind I see, all ilgm seeds. No nutes! That’s impressive.


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I’ll update when there’s something else to see. Did a thorough lollipop today before those photos and will probably do another in a week. I’m trying to focus on only the best tops.

FWIW, they smell fantastic.

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i love walking the yard from the terps smells :slight_smile: My two Girl Scout Cookie gals flowering inside smell like a box of fruity pebbles, lol. Can’t help myself from wanting to rub that stickiness just to sniff my digits :slight_smile: :heart: