Outdoor to indoor for flowering?

Hey i have been growing for awhile now in both environments and had great success with both but after my last indoor i did not get another ready to take the position of that which i had just harvested. so what i was wondering is if i could take one or two of my outdoor plants and put them indoors to get them to flower. As in do the whole flower stage inside under lights? its summer here and i have to many that are starting to get way to big. i started them off in mid winter of last year and successfully sprouted and left them out. so i imagine that they are quite strong plants.
Cheers Red

You can flower indoors the plants will take several days to adjust to the lights but will be just fine

ok awesome so do i just throw it on a 12/12 cycle or should i work into it over a week or so? Thanks

Work it in adjust feeding at same time as lights towards your flowering nutes slowly you can change lights right away but would be happier plants if given time to adjust to different spectrum and nutrients first. Less stress

I agree Donald has the right approach to this.
Are these plants in pots or in the ground ?
This would change everything.


Hey Garrigan. Yep all my plants are grown in pots. although they are grown in just your everyday run of the mill pot. so there wont be any re circulation going on. just put a drip tray under it so it does not ruin my tent. will that be fine?
see i have never grown with soil inside my tent. Just water trays,plastic basket net pot and clay balls. but in saying that have only ever done the one inside like that and had great success.
Thanks again guys. Red

Hey Red, then ya you be fine just go sliw and let them adjust to the new light.