Outdoor super skunk no flower yet?

It’s my 2nd year of growing. My super skunk is a monster plant it’s close to 9 feet tall. But I do not see any flower forming on it. It’s supposed to be fast flowering too. My other ones, like blue dream and cali dream have nice bud already formed. Does it mean there will be nothing but pop corn buds on it? I hope it’s too early, and the bud will form and grow. Does anyone have any experience with super skunk?

Forgot to mention, growing in New England

My outdoor stuff started showing flowers about a week ago. I am in Upper MI so maybe the same latitude as you or close to it. We can get early frost in September so it will be pushing it to get to the finish but outdoor here is always hit or miss on how developed the buds get. Usually have to harvest before bird season so hunters don’t find the gardens.

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