Outdoor Summer Grow


Wow those are some tall ladies! Have you topped them at all? Or trained them?


I topped them when they were starting inside.
& fimmed them last week in the greenhouse.
I’m thinking a SCROG would handle 3 plants max in the greenhouse.
Thinking about buying another one the same size, or wait until next year & get a larger one to handle 6 plants. I could grow a few outside this summer, but I have younger children and family parties that could prove difficult to keep secluded…


If they’re that tall already I don’t think they are scrog material. I’m not sure. They sure got huge in a hurry!

And happy Father’s day to you as well!


Jezzzz @North_East_Newbie your only option may be putting outside at that height
They certainly are big enough to handle it
You can probably screen one or two in greenhouse once you free up some space ? I only stay inside my green house cause we aren’t legal here and I need to block over head view from police chopper I’m in the flight path for the airport they use :frowning:️ Unfortunately
Looking good tho my friend
Oh and happy Father’s Day to you to a little late :+1:
And I have the same issues with the family parties and what not hahahaha


I think you are right CB.
I like having them protected from bugs, wind & hard rain (plus its so easy water them)
I am very tempted to get a second greenhouse & do 2 scrogs.
Decisions decisions…
Hope you had a great weekend my friend!


Considering this…

Or go totally crazy & double it for a little more:


My new 15x7x7 from Walmart on-line. $114


Very nice @GetbackJoJo!
Thank you for sharing.
hoe many plants are you growing in that this summer?


When I get my seeds, I’m planning on 6. There is room for at least 10-12.


@North_East_Newbie mine are 9x10x8 high I think picked them up Amazon for like 114 ea has door both ends and four windows ?
The ones your looking at are nice as well and plenty big hahahaha
I’m haveinf a issue with delayed notifications? Just saw you reply now from the other day ?


@North_East_Newbie @Countryboyjvd1971 mine does not have another door on the backside or vents near the top. If heat becomes an issue, I’ll have to Macgyver something. Having the 4 vents on each side is a plus. I think with a couple of fans, one at each end on opposite sides as input and exhaust, that should work.


That should work or at least help a bit I bought a 18 v Milwaukee cordless fan since mine are on back of property with no electric? Hope it’s enough I think so with all the openings


I found that same one on Amazon
Like the price better than mine.
Just pulled the trigger.
Thanks brother!


@North_East_Newbie keep in mind that the instructions are literally a 1 page diagram showing the individual pieces numbered and where they go but no step by step instructions. I started with the base and then worked from front to back. It only took me about an hour and a half to get it together.


Got the new larger tent set up today.
Thanks for the recommendations
@Countryboyjvd1971 & @GetbackJoJo.


Well got some good news to day for out door growers on the east coast we are starting to lose day light by the min dayley now so flowers will be here soon antisapation is starting to get to me a little just a big wonder what kind of harvest I will get of 4 superskunk 2 in ground about 4.5 ft now nice bush and 2 in 3 gal pots and first time scroug they get sun all day long can’t wait


@North_East_Newbie those are huge!!! You put my outdoor ladies to shame lol


It’s all about quality Matty. Your girls are looking healthy and happy, my friend!


I got some family up in mass . Conn. And ri.


Well got to get my ass to bed 430 am don’t wait and come to eirley yall have a good one