Outdoor Summer Grow


I had is about 16 inches. Just moved it to 12".
I added the CFL’s this morning, so hopefully they will help with the stretch too.
They’re rated 100 watts, but 23watts true power.


@North_East_Newbie that might be too close… See my previous post

I was editing it when you posted.


Hopefully they’ll be OK at that height for the day, as I’m at work until 5.
I do keep a exhaust fan going, so the heat from the lights shouldn’t be an issue.


They look great
They will love bigger pots and outdoor life once you get them out there :+1::grin:
Keep us posted


it’s been a few weeks since updating this journal.
@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62
I finally got them transplanted outside in a little greenhouse.

I used 10 gallon fabric pots, happy frog & FFOF soil, with added perlite.

Dusted the top of the soil with food grade DE for pests.

2 White Widow Fem
2 Bubble Gum
2 Gold Leaf


Man o man ,you sir are gonna have some monsters!! Looking forward to seeing you get a great harvest.
Keep up the good work!:sunglasses:


@Nug-bug man you took the words right out of my mouth.

@Countryboyjvd1971 needs to check this out!

Very nice work there @North_East_Newbie

Thanks for the tag, brother!


Thanks nug-bug.
I can only imagine how much they’ll grow over the next 4 months of veg!


Thanks Bob!
I’m happy to move these girls outside, as they outgrew the little tent they were crammed into.
Also looking forward to giving my electric bill a break LOL, using that big beautiful sun to grow!


Yep absolutely. I’m a big fan of free!


@MattyBear . Here is my grow. It will be fun to compare notes this summer.


Thanks for the tag bud! I’m following your thread now!


You been busy lol
Love the green House brother
How tall is it I may have missed it ?
You didn’t waist any time filling it up woohoo
Thanks for the tag @bob31 I was busy this weekend and I will be for the near future lots to do not enough time bro you know how it is kiddo


What is the “food grade DE” you say you dusted the top of the pots with?


Here a screen shot of the one I bought you can look it up on Amazon
It’s a old school method for controlling bugs I wouldn’t put it on a flowering plant but in veg no problem after that just soil
Most of use keep it in our arsenals it’s cheap enough and works well I dust the floor of my green houses as well as all around my house foundation


Thanks John.
This was a very productive weekend for me.
The greenhouse is small 6 x 8 x 6’2" tall.
If they get too big this summer, I may have to move a couple out and/or dig down a foot or two to allow for more height.

I hope your busy is a good busy (projects or OT)


Ya beat me to it.
Thank CB! :grinning: :+1:


Yeah it’s a good busy both ot and house/yard projects you know how it is living in the NE bro only so many warm days to deal with the outside of house and property maintenance lol all good I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way
I have lots of time on my hands in the winter lol so I’m happy to be outside doing my thing this time of year :+1:


I hear ya!
I checked a lot off my to-do list this weekend.
Feeling accomplished starting the work week again.
Gotta love New England seasons!


I am quickly realizing this little greenhouse will be outgrown in a matter of weeks.
The plants grow SO much faster outdoors than in!

Greenhouse is 6’ 2" tall & the plants are already reaching for the top.

@Countryboyjvd1971 & @bob31 ~ first off, happy father’s day!
What do you think is the best option for height?
SCROG may be too cramped with 6 plants (it a 6 X 8’ tent)
I can dig down to make more head room, but this seems like a temporary fix.
Get another greenhouse? or move outdoors?

On another note, my new rain barrel has filled up quickly with these down pours!