Outdoor Summer 2018 .... Mulegal


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Good morning folks. I’ve been absent for a couple months. Finally got the last hay in the barn. Season is over and I’m relieved of that.

I’ve been delinquent in my garden updates but better late than never I guess.

My 2 ILGM Jack Herers’ “the Jackies” have exceeded all growth expectations. If you remember I was topping and scrogging one to maintain a stealth crop. I learned quickly who was really in control, and it wasn’t me.

Here are some recent pics

I parked the mule trailer behind garden to hide better from road Jeesh!

This was a couple weeks ago. I’m in there somewhere

The Au Naturelle girl is doing beautifully. about 7.5’…that’s a lotta stealth :blush: She is building great bud and should be ready in a couple weeks.

Mylittle topped and scrogged girl La Toppa had other ideas about her growth. She has turned into an enormous butterball. She is a few weeks later than AuNaturelle due to the topping and manipulation she had to deal with. I’ve decided that this method is pointless for me. She is putting on lots of bud, but I think I will get lot’s and lot’s of small popcorn stuff. Good for Keef I guess.

If you remember that I went on vacation a week in end of May and bought @Blumat carrot watering devices. They worked well that week and to my surprise I am utilizing them 100% this last month in my watering duties. The 10 gallon fabric pots are so root bound and solid that the water must be administerred almost drop by drop. The Blumats are delivering 2.5 gallons a day to each plant, a drop at a time and keeping them healthy and happy.

Light is getting shorter. Harvest will be upon me soon. I am excited. And from here on out i plan to take the more natural methods for growing and not try to control the plants artificially. Mother nature knows best. Au Naturella is absolutely more robust and building MUCH bigger colas over all and weeks ahead of the other plant. I’ve learned my lesson well. @highcountrygal, I am in your camp,…natural growing is the way to go in my world too :slight_smile:


Hi @mulegal whatever your doing keep on doing it!!! Awesome grow…

PS: Hope you have a tall ladder if you leave them au natural :wink:

Well done!


Beautiful plants! Yeah, it’s hard to hide a seven foot tall plant!


Freakin awesome @mulegal great looking tree my friend, it gona be a great harvesr


Thanks @DaGoose. Yeah my stealth plan didn’t really pan out… :slight_smile:


Yup, I wish she were ready to come down NOW


Howdy @Mrcrabs, good to see you. Yes They’ve done well so far…coming around the last qtr mile now…:slight_smile:


@mulegal LMFAO…you may not have the stealth part down but you have mad growing skills!!!

A few weeks left…it’s nail biting time.

Good Luck!


Like wise my friend, Thrrr looking great. Hope you have a great harvest soon.


got that right @DaGoose. Nail biting time


Last day of summer…Times they are a changing. harvest soon :grin:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: WOW, nice plants !

Absolutely AWESOME job on these ladies. You are going to be very happy when harvest is over. That will be a monster yield !

I would love natural growing but can’t where I am now. :us::man_farmer:


I have a lot to catch up on in this grow but I’m setting to watched!


Great job! What are your lessons learned from growing larger plants than expected? What would you do different next time? Any wind damage on those long tall colas?